14x12x7 Inch Weatherproof NEMA 3R Vented Enclosure-DIN Mounting Rails

Item # NB141207-00VDR
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Start with the Box...

The box is a rugged weatherproof enclosure that is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. Constructed from molded fiberglass reinforced polyester, it is well suited for high temperature or corrosive environments. The mounting flange allows it to be wall mounted as well as on a flat surface. The raised lid features a stainless steel continuous hinge and stainless steel quick release latches with padlock hasps. The raised lid is fully gasketed. The enclosure material is UV stabilized and comes in machine tool gray.

Mounting Rails

The aluminum mounting rails installed within the NB141207-00VDR provides provisions to mount DIN3 Rails for installing a number of off-the-shelf DIN Modules and systems. The HGX-PMT13 Mounting package allows the populated enclosure to be mounted on poles, securely, in and around your site. The flexibility of DIN rail mounting system and the large selection of modules available offer any number of application solutions indoors and out, even in rainy environments. The NEMA Type 3R, 3RX / IP24 provides a vented, weatherproof environment, to safely house the control, routing and power systems being designed with the DIN Modules.

The DIN Rails can be adapted to hold other systems and components to accommodate their placement in the enclosure. The enclosure features holes for two N-Bulkhead connectors or Lightning Protectors, a grounding lug, and a cable conduit connector to accept power or system feeds into the enclosure.

Vented Cover

The NB141207-00VDR features a vented lid with removable filters and vent covers on the outside of the enclosure.

  • Fully gasketed raised Vented lid with removable filters & integral mounting flange
  • Installed Mounting Rails for use with DIN3 Rails
  • Molded Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester (FRP) industrial Enclosure
  • NEMA Type 3R, 3RX / IP24 rated
  • Stainless steel quick release latches with padlock hasps
  • DIN Rail mountable Modular System
  • Indoor and outdoor installations and Remote Wireless LAN WiFi equipment
  • Protection of equipment from theft or damage
  • Rapid Deployment Installations
  • Corrosive environments & hotspot applications