Modular Socket Saver (8x8)M / (8x8)KF

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L-com's line of modular socket savers is the perfect choice for applications where cables are connected and disconnected frequently. Damaged or worn ports can cause bad data and test results preventing you from getting work done. These adapters make it easy to switch out the damaged connection without costly repair time. Their low cost will save you money immediately through improved workflow. Avoid costly repairs trying to replace modular jacks; Use L-com's socket savers.

  • Prevent damaged ports on expensive equipment by using a socket saver
  • 10Base-T crossover adapter allows quick insertion of a crossed connection for uplink cables
  • Available in RJ11/12, RJ45 for Telephone systems and 10Base-T Ethernet RJ45
  • Low cost saves you money improving the bottom line
  • Modular socket savers for extending the life of modular jacks and ports
  • Telecommunications
  • Telephony
  • Voice/Data applications