Weatherproof Lightning Surge Protector for RS-422/RS-485 & 12VDC Power Lines

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The HyperLink ALS-D25P12DW is designed to provide superior lightning and surge protection for RS-422/485 control and 12VDC power lines. These protectors incorporate individual protection circuits for the RS-422/485 control lines and DC power lines. All housed in one NEMA rated weatherproof enclosure.

RS-422/485 Control Lines

A high power 3-stage design is used to provide protection for the RS-422/485 control line. The 3-stage design can handle higher-level transients than a protector that uses only diodes. The first stage is comprised of a differential gas discharge tube. Stage two is a pair of current limiting series resistors and the final stage is a low capacitance diode array. The RS-422/485 control line is connected to the protector via its screw terminal blocks. The terminal blocks are removable to ease wiring. The ALS-D25P12DW is designed to work with either 1 full duplex or 2 half duplex RS-422/485 lines.

12VDC Power Lines

The 12VDC power lines are also protected using a 3-stage design. This provides superior protection from transients and surges. The first stage is comprised of a differential gas discharge tube. Stage two is a pair of suppression coils and the final stage is a 5000 Watt uni-polar Transient Voltage Suppression (TVS) Diode. Power lines are connected to the protector via high current rated screw terminals.

Weatherproof Design

These units feature a weatherproof ABS enclosure with gasketed cover and concealed mounting holes. Water tight cable glands provide entry and exit points for cables. A ground clamp on the enclosure's exterior provides a tie point for earth ground.

For mounting to masts up to 2 inches in diameter, the HGX-PMT24 mast mounting kit is available (sold separately).

This protector is also available in the following power configurations:
12-28VAC: ALS-D25P1228AW

For additional information and complete specifications, click on the data sheet link below.

  • Individual protection circuits for RS-422/485 control lines and 12VDC power lines
  • 3-Stage protection provided for all lines
  • Also available in 15VDC, 24VDC and 12-28VAC versions
  • NEMA rated enclosure with gasketed cover and concealed mounting holes
  • Will work with Full or Half Duplex RS-422/485 lines
  • Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) camera controllers
  • Pool/spa and industrial controllers and keyboards
  • RS-422/485 lines with 12VDC supply voltage
  • Analog or IP video surveillance cameras
  • Door/gate access control with RS-485 and power