Outdoor 4-Channel 4-20 mA Current Loop Protector - 15V

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High voltage transients caused by lightning strikes have the ability to easily destroy semiconductor junctions, and thus, cause equipment failure and loss. A lightning strike close to data lines can also cause induced ground currents that can also do serious damage. The AL-CL4-15 high performance lightning and surge protector provides superior protection of for up to four 4-20 mA circuits against these transients or surges.

The low capacitance diode array assures that the signals will not be degraded by the suppressor. This is in comparison to protectors based on high capacitance TVS diodes. For more complete protection, two units should be used, one on each end of the line.

For additional information and complete specifications, see data sheet below.

  • 15V, also available in 12V and 24V models
  • Screw Terminal Blocks
  • Four Channel
  • Low capacitance diode array
  • Weather resistant enclosure
  • 4 to 20 mA sensors and controllers
  • Industrial process control
  • Toll booths, drawbridges, railroad crossing gates and signals
  • HART Street light controllers
  • Pulse Input Circuits