3.3Vdc Data Line Protector 1Gb 6 RJ45S F/F

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The LPXTRJ45-GB-6PRT protector is intended to be installed indoors or within a suitably rated NEMA enclosure for the application. The protector can be mounted to any flat surface by use of the four 0.23" diameter holes on the sturdy mounting feet. These mounting feet holes are sized for use with up to #8 drywall or similar type screws. A ground wire must be installed from the closest ground bar to the #¼-20 ground stud. This ground wire should be as large a wire gauge (8 AWG minimum) as possible and as short a wire length as possible (3 ft maximum). Data cables are easy to install into the RJ connectors located on each side. Note that each independent data circuit should be orientated with incoming cables from the left and the "Protected" cables feeding out from the right. The unit is clearly marked for this reference. The unit's shielded jacks provide a convenient connection to ground. For shielded cable applications, the user may wish to bond each incoming and outgoing shield to the internal ground stud for each suppressor. Trim back approximately 3 inches of shield wire and terminate with a #6 ring lug. Loosen the single screw fastener on the cover face near the ground stud and swing the door out of the way. This fastener is self-retained in the plastic to avoid misplacement. Carefully loosen the #6-32 mounting nut on the suppressor board and slip the shield ring lug onto the stud. Reattach all #6-32 suppressor mount hardware and reattach the front cover.

  • 6 Shielded In-Line Protection ports for Gigabit 1000 Mb/s Ethernet data lines
  • Integral mounting feet
  • Protected Pairs (1/2), (4/5), (3/6) and (7,8)
  • IP Surveillance Cameras
  • VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) Telephones
  • Wired Switches
  • Wireless LAN Access Points and Bridges