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Network cable tester, Ethernet cable tester and other test equipment products

Cable Testers (29)
Cable Testers (29)
Environmental Testers (3)
Environmental Testers (3)
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Electrical Testers (8)
L-com's network cable tester and RJ45 Ethernet cable tester products are available for testing coaxial, fiber optic, Cat5/5e/6, USB, Firewire, Telco RJ11/12 cables and more.

We offer network cable and network bandwidth tester equipment from well known manufacturers such as Fluke Networks, AEMC, and Advanced Fiber Solutions.

Network Channel Testing

Network Channel Testing is a method used to verify performance from the workstation to the hub/switch including patch cords. Channel Testing is not accurate for individual patch cords. Both installers and IT professionals conduct this type of testing to insure that the entire cable system is capable of handling network traffic. Channel Testing differs from Permanent Link Testing in that it includes the patch cords on both ends of the installation. Often, patch cords are overlooked as the cause of network failures.

Permanent Link Testing

Permanent Link Testing is the preferred method used by installers to certify a cable installation at a customer site. This type of testing verifies the installation by measuring many factors such as cable lengths, NEXT, FEXT and Return Loss. Several certification testers exist on the market including Fluke Networks DTX-1800 Series products. This type of tester features a Permanent Link adapter that connects from a workstation outlet to the telecom closet outlet.

 cable tester

Continuity Testing

Continuity Testing is the most basic form of testing conducted on cables. These types of testers look for opens, shorts or crossed connections. For Ethernet, this type of testing does not confirm network transmission capability. The most common mistake in cable pin-out is an EIA568 A to B cross. A simple continuity tester such as L-com's TL-N044-000-R can easily find this error without the expense of a certification tester.

network cable testing

Wire Mapping / LAN & Cable Testing

If you require more than just a standard continuity test you might consider a Wire Mapping tester like the AEMC-CA7028. With a tester like this you would get a more detailed report of how your cable is wired/paired. All faults and setting info is displayed textually as well as graphically. But beyond that with TDR technology it can determine if the fault lies at the near end or remote end of the cable or if it is somewhere in between. It can even indicate the distance to the fault as well as determine the length of the cable or cable run being tested.

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