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Security Cameras, Security Systems, Layer 1 Air Gap Switches and Data Isolation Products

Physical Layer Air Gap Network Switches (48)
Physical Layer Air Gap Network Switches (48)
Surveillance Cameras (4)
Surveillance Cameras (4)
All-in-One Kit DVR Surveillance Systems (8)
All-in-One Kit DVR Surveillance Systems (8)
Data Isolation/Protection (1)
Data Isolation/Protection (1)

L-com stocks physical layer air gap network switches, IP surveillance cameras, DVR surveillance kits and data isolation/protection devices to address network security applications. These security/surveillance products ensure the protection of your valuable company data and property.

Physical Layer Air Gap Network Switches

Unauthorized access to private networks presents the greatest security threat to any organization that deals in sensitive or classified data. Theft of classified information and trade secrets, corruption of data and unauthorized control of automated systems relentlessly challenge security officers and network administrators. Hardware security centers on the control of the wired and wireless connections at the edges of networks and systems that tie their elements together. Devices that address this security concern are air-gap switches that open and close those connections. Whether the switches are controlled manually or automatically, their points of connection to the systems and networks they protect are managed with the absolute assurance of hardware that cannot be breached by unauthorized personnel through the communications channel that passes through the switch. Hardware security solutions are traditionally applied to the control of physical spaces like buildings, laboratories and data centers. Card and key fob credentials are commonly used to gain access to those spaces. The same credentials can be used to control access to electronic and optical data streams when specialized hardware is integrated with an air gap network switch.

Wired vs Wireless Surveillance Systems

Wired Surveillance

A wired CCTV system requires the cameras to be physically connected to your monitor, computer or DVR via a cable. The optimal choice for a camera security system is wired. Wired systems are more cost effective, provide the highest quality video, and no signal interruption. L-com currently offers both IP Based Cat5e (or better) Standalone cameras as well as DVR all in one kits that utilize coax cabling.

Wired IP Camera

Wireless IP Surveillance

A wireless CCTV system typically uses the 2.4GHz frequency to transmit the signal through your LAN (Local Area Network) to your computer. Most wireless CCTV cameras have some range limitations with clear line of sight transmission requirements. Wall thickness and other interference may decrease this distance. Wireless IP cameras offer greater flexibility when placing your camera, and require no long cable runs. However most still require the use of an AC adapter.

Wireless IP Camera

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