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Plenum Rated Low PIM RG401 Coaxial Cable Assemblies

L-com’s RG401 Low PIM cable assemblies are built using jacketed high performance formable RG401 coaxial cable. These plenum rated cable assemblies feature Passive Intermodulation specifications as low as -150dBc and are ideal for Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) applications. Cable assemblies are available with either 7/16 DIN Male or Type N-Male connectors.
All RG401 cable assemblies are built to order using L-com’s cable configurator below. To use, first select connector 1 then connector 2. Then cable length can be entered in inches, feet or meters. After length has been selected, the configurator will generate pricing. At that time you can add the cable assembly to your cart to order.

For component specifications, click the links below:

RG401 Plenum Rated Low PIM Coaxial Cable
7/16 DIN Male Low PIM Connector for RG401 Cable
Type N-Male Low PIM Connector for RG401 Cable

Plenum rated Low PIM cable assemblies are also available using RG402 coaxial cable. Click the following link to for more information.

Plenum Rated RG402 Low PIM Cable Assemblies

In addition to L-com’s Low PIM cable assemblies are available Low PIM coax connectors, coax adapters, coax lightning protectors and antennas. Click the links below for more information.

Low PIM Coax Products
Low PIM Antenna Products

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