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Universal AC Powered 18x16x10 in. Enclosures

Specifically designed for Worldwide 120-240 Volt AC applications, L-com's NEMA rated industrial enclosures are perfect for use in communication and control equipment applications. Options include Universal AC duplex sockets, vented doors, fans, and heaters for addressing extreme environmental conditions.

The L-com Universal AC powered industrial enclosures are fully compatible with the following countries' plug type: UK/Ireland BS 1363, Italy CEI 23-16/VII, Denmark Afsnit 107-2-D1, Euro plug (2-pin) CEE 7/16, and India BS 546. The following plugs fit but refer to the safety note below prior to use: China GB 2099-1 and 1002-1, Swiss SEV 1011, Israel SI 32, North America (2-pin) NEMA 1-15, North America (3-pin) NEMA 5-15, Continental Europe (Schuko) CEE 7, and France/Belgium CEE 7.

CAUTION: In some countries (Swiss, Israel, and North America) there may be polarity differences. To avoid possible damage to a device, check the polarity of your power supply and that of your device before plugging it in to the Universal AC outlet and switching it on.

CAUTION: Some devices require they be grounded. Use caution with plugs from Continental Europe (Schuko) and France/Belgium for the Universal AC outlet does not allow for the grounding tabs or grounding pin.

CAUTION: The China plug is not a perfect fit with the Universal AC outlet.

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