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Tech Tip- The proper way to ground outdoor lightning protectors

  • Never ground to a building's electrical ground
  • Always use at least 8-10 gauge copper wire from arrestor to ground stake
  • If available, you can connect to an existing telephone company interface usually on the outside of building, these usually have a heavy ground stake and wire near them
  • If you are using an indoor device such as a PoE interface with lightning protection, you must still run copper ground wire to the outside of the facility

Grounding Rods

Ground or grounding rods are usually made of carbon steel no less than 5/8 of an inch thick. This enables the rods to be driven a minimum of eight feet into the ground, without bending or cracking. For maximum corrosion resistance, rods are plated with either zinc (hot dipped galvanized) or UL-listed copper (electro-plated)  at a non-eroding thickness. With proper installation, ground rods become the final connector of a grounding electrode meeting or exceeding most local electric codes with a resistance of 25 Ohms or less.

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