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Tech Tip- How to upgrade or extend the antennas on your WiFi access point or router

First you must identify your wi-fi access point / router’s antenna connector type, and also confirm that the antennas are removable.

WiFi Access Point FrontWiFi Access Point Back

            Front and back of a WiFi Access Point showing removable rubber duck antennas installed

WiFi Access Point Antennas Removed

                            Back of a WiFi Access Point showing rubber duck antennas removed

Check with the manufacturer’s website for your specific make and model listing, for the antenna connector type. If you cannot find it on the manufacturer’s web site, you can compare it with our common RF connector chart.

If you just want to upgrade to higher gain rubber duck style antennas for your access point/router,  view our 2.4 GHz Rubber Duck antenna selection.

If you want to extend to an outside antenna then you will need a pigtail adapter cable that would connect to a longer cable that could be run outdoors and then connect to an external Omni Directional or Directional antenna(see diagram below).

Outdoor WiFi Antenna


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