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How To Terminate An Ethernet Cable

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Tools / Products used in this video tip

TDS8CVR-GR8x8 Shielded Snap-on Style Plug Cover
HTS501UTP/STP Cable Stripper for Round or Flat Cable
TDS8PC6Category 6 Rated RJ45 Crimp Plug (8x8) - Shielded
HTS2700 3 in 1 RJ45 Crimp Tool

Prep work
For this termination I will be using a
TDS8CVR series snap-on style boot. If a slip-on style is selected, the boot must be installed prior to the plug.

Step 1
Using a
cable-stripping tool such as L-com’s HTS501, remove approximately 2 inches of the outer jacket without cutting the foil or drain wire.

Step 2
Fold the foil back over the jacket in a spiral with overlapping seams. Wrap the drain wire around the foil in the opposite direction of the foil wrap to help hold both in place. Then, remove the clear polyester binder.

Step 3
TDS8PC6 plug features a pair spacer that can be discarded if this plug is being terminated on category 5E cable. For this example, I will be using the EIA568-B color code standard. Install the spacer by placing the orange and brown pairs on the outer edges and the blue and green pair in the top and bottom. For the best performance, the second cable end should have the blue and green pair reversed.

Step 4
Remove the twist from each pair being careful to leave at least one half of a twist within the spacer. Try to keep this half or full twist to improve performance.

Step 5
Place the pairs in the correct order for the color code you are using. Cut the wires at a angle to make installing the management bar easier. Be sure to leave at least a half inch of conductor to install the management bar.

Step 6
Slide the management bar onto the wires and using a pair of pliers, pull the wires while setting the management bar all the way down to the pair spacer.

Step 7
Cut the conductors flush with the end of the management bar.

Step 8
Insert the prepared cable with the management bar into the plug body. Be sure to get the cable pushed all the way to the front of the plug.

Step 9
Bend the strain relief flat against the cable jacket and shield. To make crimping easier, partially pre-bend the strain relief tabs.

Step 10
I am using the
HTS2700 series single step crimp tool to crimp the plug. Seat the prepared end into the end of the tool making sure the strain relief is completely inside the tool. Cycle the crimp tool handle completely closed to insure a proper crimp.

Step 11
Trim excess shield material at the back of the strain relief for a finished look.

Step 12
For this installation I chose the
snap-on boot. This can be applied after termination of the cable.

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