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WLAN Amplifiers Tutorial

What are Amplifiers?
Wireless LAN Amplifiers are a type of electronic amplifier used to convert a low-power radio-frequency signal into a larger signal of significant power, typically used for driving the antenna of a transmitter.

How are Amplifiers used?
Wireless LAN Amplifiers are typically connected via low loss coaxial cable to a radio on one end and then to either a splitter or filter and then to an antenna. Sometimes they are connected directly to an antenna when a filter or splitter is not required.

Where are Amplifiers used?
Wireless LAN Amplifiers are used in wireless communications networks for public, private, military and government applications. Amplifiers can be used indoors and outdoors exposed to the elements or used in an equipment enclosure.

L-com's HyperGain Series amplifiers support the following frequencies and applications

1.2 GHz802.11b,g,n WLANs
4.9 GHzHomeland Security and Public Safety
5.8 GHz802.11a WLANs

The power rating of an WLAN Amplifier is typically measured in kilowatts, milliwatts and watts. The higher the wattage the stronger the signal amplification.

Our HyperGain Series amplifiers support the following output power

100 mW1 Watt4 Watt8 Watt25 Watt
250 mW2 Watt5 Watt10 Watt 
500 mW3 Watt6 Watt20 Watt 

Automatic Power Control (APC)

The key requirements of bi-directional amplifiers for use with the new high data rate 802.11a/g/n radios is Automatic Power Control (APC), fast switching speed and good linearity. A 802.11a/g/n radio is very sensitive to signal distortion. Older amplifiers designed for use with 802.11b radios will not function properly with the newer radios. In 2002, we were the first company to offer an 802.11g bi-directional amplifier with APC. The use of a competitor’s fixed gain amplifier with the new rate 802.11a/g/n radio is guaranteed to degrade radio or range performance. L-com’s APC will hold transmit power constant regardless of data rate.

Amplifier products are available for export, military, licensed amateur radio (ham radio) and OEM component sales only and as part of complete FCC Certified Systems. Individual amplifier products are not offered for sale in the USA. Please note that additional documentation may be required to purchase a HyperLink brand amplifier. In those cases an L-com sales associate will contact you to complete your order.

PoE Amplifiers
Power Over Ethernet (PoE) equipped amplifiers are becoming more popular today as many applications require remote location of wireless communications equipment where power is not readily available. Amplifiers with PoE interfaces derive their power via the attached Cat5 cable.

Here are some examples of methods to power PoE RF Amplifiers:

Typical PoE Amplifier Applications

WLAN Amplifier Mounting
For outdoor installations there are several standard methods for mounting RF Amplifiers

WLAN Amplifier Mounting

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