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D-Subminiature, Centronics and SCSI Connector Chart

L-com’s D-Subminiature connector chart / reference guide helps you find the exact part you need. You may not know the name of every connector in the industry, but you know what you want. Compare our detailed pictures of popular AUI, DB9/15/25/37/50, HD15/26/44/62/78, Half Pitch 36/50/68 (SCSI) and Centronics 50 (Telco) connectors to what you might have in your hand!

D-Subminiature, Centronics and SCSI Connectors

Description Male Female
D-Subminiature DB15
D-Subminiature DB25
D-Subminiature DB37
D-Subminiature DB50
D-Subminiature DB9
D-Subminiature HD15
D-Subminiature HD26
D-Subminiature HD44
D-Subminiature HD62
D-Subminiature HD78
Centronics 36 (IEEE-488)
Centroinics 50 (Telco)
Half Pitch DB36 not applicable
Half Pitch DB50
Half Pitch DB68

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