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Customer Testimonials

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What our customers are saying. . .

“L-com has been a part of our supplier pool for a really long time. Their commitment to servicing us has been important to our success.” Samuel Small, Buyer/Procurement - Karl Storz Endoskope

“The product offering and breadth of items is outstanding. Your email newsletters are very informative and educational and I appreciate them.” Jeff Youker, Engineering Management - BMG

“Prompt shipping, great customer service and good communication.” John Lewis, Buyer/Procurement - Sitech Louisiana LLC

“L-com is my go-to supplier for cable assemblies of all sorts.” Brian Van Danselaar, Management - Dordt College

“I have used L-com in the past. The support was great, the staff was very helpful and the products were top notch.” Richard Dinda, Technician - Berlin Lions Agricultural

“I have had a positive experience working with L-com. They are great for unique, hard to find products.” Joe Dorchuck, Technician - Adventist Health

“I am very happy with L-com. They have a great product range and quality workmanship.” Jerome Williams, Engineering - Raytheon Company

“I appreciate the personalized attention and the quick response from inquiries” Gil Lopez, Engineering – TEECOM

“I've always had a good experience dealing with L-com, from tech support, unique product lineup and order fulfillment.” Shawn Morrissey, Management -Display Devices Inc.

“I have always been very satisfied with L-com. The website is very informative and making a selection for the right part is very easy.

“ Brian Swift, Engineering - University of Missouri

“Great Selection of products” James Prentki, Engineering - Hofstra University

“L-com has always had excellent customer service and support. If I have any problems, the customer support team is always friendly and helpful.” Kathie Hagert, Buyer/Procurement – Jade Electronics

“L-com offers a wide variety of products” Bill Reynolds, Engineering - TDK-Lambda Americas Inc.

“We always have on time deliverables from L-com. They are always ready to support us on pull-ins and push-outs. They send easy to track automated emails are sent once the material is shipped and we always receive prompt replies.” Ankita Nalawade, Buyer /Procurement - Flextronics International Ltd.

“High quality products, good customer service and an easy ordering process.” Robert Zuk, Engineering – General Dynamics

"You should be proud of your UPMBB product. Only after moving to your product, were we able to pass Electrical Fast Transient (EFT) testing, which is part of EMC compliance testing. We failed the same test with another manufacturers parallel product. The reason is the quality of shielding. I have disassembled the mold to verify this and found the big difference.” While L-com’s product has firm comprehensive shielding, L-com’s competitor connected the shielding with a single wire – which is much cheaper but completely ineffective.
-Danny Gal, Align Technology 

"In the several years dealing with L-com, I firmly believe the company has a definite place in the market. Thanks for filling the void!"
-Craig Brown, Engineer, Sirina

"I am just about 60 and have worked in computers and electronics all my life - starting building shortwave radios when tubes were still common in the early 60s. I have dealt with hundreds of suppliers and companies over the 4 decades or so of my work and seldom have I seen such a good example of team work. For 5 plus years I was contracting to a large oil company - doing their tech support and even when I called in their behalf to some firms I don't believe I got such service - and they were in the top 50 or so in the fortune 500.

"If I ran a company doing what you are doing - I doubt I could get it done as well - getting teams of people to do that and enjoy doing so that the customer knows they are there for them.... it is rare."
-Mike Nichols, Owner, Nichols Consulting 

"L-com customer service is the BEST - just wish all our vendors were as good!  
Thanks Paul Jenkins & Arianne Rivas, you rock."
-Pam Cahill, Oregon

"I was searching for a few things and bought stuff by using your web-based checkout. Everything looks and works perfect for me. Easy to find things and easy to understand step-by-step payment process. I was really glad to use it! Thank you very much.”
-Timur Barakhoev, Survey Supervisor, PGS Onshore

"We are an IT services firm. I do like your site.  The one thing in particular that caught my eye was the historical view of my orders.  I also liked the fact that you had the installation manuals readily available.  All in all, I thought your website was easy to use.  You certainly have a much more professional site than many of the folks selling similar items.  Do a quick google search and you will see what I mean.  The checkout process was professional and worked as expected.  I didn’t encounter any problems such as not remembering the history after I left out a field, etc.  I can’t say much, it just worked.”
-Rhett Gibson, HDI Solutions

"I love your website! I can look at pictures of the connectors and know that I am getting the right ones. It is almost like I have the connectors right in front of me!”
-Bob Fulgham, 360 Communications, LLC

"When I order from you I know I get quality products that really do what they are advertised to do.  The ongoing research is ever-present.  I have yet to try your new enclosure line as I have always had to build my own, but when my stock depletes I will certainly be in line to try them out.  I dread placing online orders, but again not with It is easy, complete, and I am not left wondering if the order went through.”
-Rick Glatt, Electronic Specialist, CO 

"I am currently doing work for a job in Carlsbad, CA. and the project uses at least 6 of L-com’s connectors and panels. I want you to know that I consider your web site and component data / solid model availability to be superior to any other site I go to. It all works. Your part number search always finds the part I need. Your CAD step files are really well done and the solid models are priceless. They save me hours of work.  This will really help sell your products. Not too many component manufacturers understand this.”
-Phil Marsh, M.E. Solutions, Product Design and Engineering

"Your catalog page downloads are very useful and each section has a tutorial guide for each product line. Anything I can do to cut down the time needed to figure out what my customer needs is obviously beneficial to me, and the customer, so stumbling onto that page was fantastic. I expect to make use of that bookmark repeatedly in the next few months.”
-Jeff Roney, Sales Rep, Anixter Canada

"Your site offers complete datasheet information for the lightning protectors I need. In addition, I see other D-Sub tooling and connectors that I have not found anywhere else.”
-Vernon Jordan, Owner, Timberline Ventures

"Everything was much easier to find.  The pictures on the web site I think do a good job of capturing the products.  The check out was pretty smooth.  It appeared to be secure and it was pretty streamlined. All in all a "bang up job” on the site.”
-Nathanial B. Lyon, Owner, Northfield WiFi

"Your ordering process was very simple to use. I quickly found and went to the express ordering because the instructor had given me the catalog numbers. I was impressed with how easy it was to navigate through your site. I’m a lab manager for an apprenticeship school and I do a lot of online ordering. I would honestly say your process is the simplest I’ve encountered!”
-Marsha Easter,

"The web site search worked well particularly since I didn’t have the exact catalog number I needed and had to look around for what I wanted.  The checkout page was fine – in fact easier than most to finally checkout when finished shopping – sometimes you have to look around for that.”
-Jim Holman, Head, Computing and Statistical Services, OARDC

"The website looks great and I was able to find what I needed very easily and quickly. Once I got to your site I went straight to what I needed. After that it only took a few minutes to get the order. I also received the email notification very promptly. I will buy more from in the future.”
-Steven Puckett, Network Convergence, Inc.

"I was quite pleasantly surprised with the new HyperLink site. I found it much easier to use than your old site. It seems to rank well in ease of use with any site I’m buying from these days. I really like the detail and it’s perfect to see price (including quantity breaks), stock, and RoHS compliance. You’ve done a good job in making the site easy to navigate while still maintaining the very, very important technical information.”
-James Jarvis, APRS World, LLC 

"GCI Systems has been purchasing Hyperlink wireless network solutions for resale to our corporate customers since 2003. The quality of Hyperlink products and the responsiveness of their customer support team has kept our customers requesting Hyperlink products since we first offered them in our product catalog 5 years ago.”
-Rick Zimmerman, CGI Systems

"L-com offers superior grade products at an affordable price. These savings allow our company to remain competitive without sacrificing quality.”
-Jay Spangenberg, Sciotowireless, LLC

"Been doing business with you for over 5 years. You’re always been very professional; provide excellent products, lowest prices, and prompt service.  You sell the largest line of wireless products that I’ve seen.”
-Ron Grigg, Dlux Information Systems

"L-com enables the kind of product line and business innovation that we strive to deliver to our diverse customer base. In partnership with L-com, we have enhanced our product offerings for wireless/WAN communications, which was high on our customers’ lists. Your extremely qualified and friendly sales team ensures that we are always provided with excellent service and product offerings, which makes them leaders in today’s highly competitive market. I look forward to excellent partnership years to come ahead for X-Link Systems and L-com.”
-Riaz Khimany, X-Link Systems Incorporated

"I am very pleased with your website. Checking out is very easy and when I log back in I can see my past orders. Everything is easily accessible. Also, I love that I am able to see tracking numbers once they are shipped! Thanks again!”
-Melissa O’Beirne, BRG Precision Products

"We have ordered many of your products recently, and have been very pleased with the quality of the products, and the availability and delivery of the products. Keep up the good work.”
-Brad Risinger, Advisory Optical Engineer, Northrup Grumman Corporation

"I would like to say that your web site is the best I have ever seen. Well-designed and great photos of the products. It makes it so easy to select the right product. Also the same comments for your catalog. Thanks”
-Terry Halbrooks, Deputy Sheriff, Rayville, LA

"I find L-com’s site quality to be excellent. Everything seems very well laid out, logical, and easy to locate. I like the use of permanent frames (left nav area of each page, for example) for instant navigation throughout the site. Makes it a snap to find anything I might look for. Too many sites are obtuse and difficult to navigate. I’m not a big fan of over-use of flashy and slow loading animations, talking pop-ups, or other dynamic loading data, etc. I like the KISS principle especially for those of us who are still relegated to less than broadband speed of cellular/wireless internet, or dialup.”
-Scott Altice, Altice Contract Services

"As a technical trainer and computer networking consultant, staying current on all the latest technologies is a must. So when I was writing the CWTS Study Guide, L-com, a leading source for WLAN Antennas, Lightning Protectors and other accessories provided highly technical, yet easy-to-understand information and product images for use in my book.”
-Robert Bartz, Eight-O-Two Technology Solutions, LLC, Colorado 

"I use the female BNC to female TNC connector (L-com part# BA70) for the MBITR radio. I along with many of the guys like keeping the radio itself up front in one of our pouches. That way the knobs and display screen is easily visible and reachable. However, in order to have the radio up front-you must also have the antenna up front. Therefore, making it harder to move freely up front with your hands also creating a difficult fighting atmosphere where all you need to worry about up front is much needed ammunition. This adapter allows me to keep the MBITR radio up front while transferring the antenna out of my way and onto my back where I can actually place the antenna higher. Thanks again. For a small item, it made a big difference for this Army Captain and his men.”
-Ryan P. Brokaw, CPT, 1-158th IN

"I’ve been a very happy L-com customer for several years now. Your company has done a great job supplying me with materials for all of my cabling needs.”
-Dr. Robert P. Winarski, Argonne National Lab

"Great products...L-com is the only place to shop for quality at a fantastic price from people who really know their products.”
-Larry Miller, MIS/IT Manager, Exterior Wood, Inc., Washougal, WA

"I find your e-mail newsletters extremely helpful and educational on new and old products. Please don’t cancel or change them! Thanks. . .P.S. No one else does e-mails like L-com.”
-Fritz Weyerts, Asst. Chief Engineer, KWEX-TV, Univision Group

"You guys really do a great job. Your inventory and prices are very complete and competitive. I have never come to your site and left because I could not find it or because the prices were bad.”
-Jason Paige, IT, Integral Capital Partners

"I have used L-com on several orders. I am in Iraq supporting the US troops here in their information and communications needs. L-com has been great at working with me and has been great on jumping on these orders to help our troops. I can tell you that there are many US troops who are depending on you to keep communications up and running and appreciate your work on their behalf. Thank you.”
-Charlie Jones, IT Outsourcing, LLC

"You continue to have the products that I need including the new items that I am ordering which are video cables and connectors.  I’m always impressed to find that you have new items, so I always look to L-com for my cabling and connector needs first. Your website is excellent in helping me find what I am looking for.”
-Brad Risinger, Advisory Optical Engineer, Northrup Grumman Corporation

"We order quite a bit from l-com and have always been very pleased with the product selection and service that you offer.  We really appreciate the fast response to any questions we have.  L-com is reliable and easy to work with.  Keep up the excellent work!”
-Iain Jenkins, Nexjen Systems

"I was delightfully surprised to get such follow up help from L-com customer service. What seemed like simply an off the shelf product provider, turns out to be a place that offers help from people who know their products well.”
-Maripat Goodwin, Buyer, Datastrip, Inc.

"Over the past 6 years I have been a loyal customer of L-com buying products for personal use. My orders have always been shipped on time and in correct quantities. Now that I am in a U.S. military communications shop in Germany, I will be ordering for business use. Thank you for always meeting my expectations, and I look forward to continued business.”
-Lt. Robert N. White, U.S. Army 

"I recently received a copy of your catalog. I’m very impressed with the product line and information. I have an engineering background and I’m impressed with how your firm explains all the different types of cables and connectors via the tips and tutorials.”
-Denis Place, President,

"I have been purchasing from L-com for several years and have always had the pleasure of easy purchases, quality merchandise, a well designed catalog and website and absolute satisfaction with every order.”
-Larry Miller, MIS/IT Manager, Exterior Wood, Inc., Washougal, WA

"Your coaxial reference guide is brilliant - I’m sending it to my customers who request coax to cut down on the time we spend ensuring they’re asking for the right product. Can’t wait to see what other gems your catalog contains.”
-Jeff Roney, Sales Rep, Anixter Canada

"Thank you for sending your catalog, I think it’s one of the best on Fiber Optics going. It has almost everything I need for Fiber Optic training. My students would like to see what is available from FIS. There is a lot to see! I would like to receive 5 additional catalogs for use by my students.”
-Robert Jacobs, Instructor, VOTEC Training, San Diego, CA

"As a technical trainer and computer networking consultant, staying current on all the latest technologies is a must. So when I was writing the CWTS Study Guide, L-com, a leading source for WLAN Antennas, Lightning Protectors and other accessories provided highly technical, yet easy-to-understand information and product images for use in my book.”
-Robert Bartz, Eight-O-Two Technology Solutions, LLC, Colorado

"Your site offers complete datasheet information for the lightning protectors I need. In addition, I see D-Sub tooling and connectors that I have not found anywhere else.”
-Vernon Jordan, Owner, Timberline Ventures

"L-com’s e-mails pointing out answers to questions and getting people to start using your website as a knowledge based resource is an excellent marketing idea, but also an excellent resource. Educating our colleagues is a vital part of keeping our technological superiority over the competition whether it is business or national defense. Thank you for helping us stay on the top of our game without expensive and time consuming ‘educational’ distractions. L-com has been a great source of materials and knowledge to me for over a decade!”
-Joe Gannatal, Supervisory Electronics Engineer, U.S. Navy

"I subscribe to L-com’s e-mail newsletter for the precious information. It helps me a lot in my job for clarity of technical information and they include a wide range of topics.”
-Luciano Rinetti,

"I placed an order today for a custom cable via phone order. The sales representative was so very helpful and professional. I don’t know if you have an employee recognition program or not; but, if you do please recognize the professionalism of Melissa. She was clear with instructions, professional, calm, very knowledgeable and made sure my account was correctly setup. Super service and superior attitude is so refreshing to experience these days. Please pass on my thanks."
- Naomi Stratford, Lockheed Martin

"I just wanted to say "thank you" for doing what you do. Finding L-com was truly a blessing for me and my company. Your products are great, your customer service is excellent, your website is easy to navigate and use, and best of all your prices are very competitive. You guys have earned a lifetime customer here." 
-Phil Stark, Network Engineer, The Matrix Group

"I would like to say that working with L-com has been great. We have had nothing but outstanding customer support and fast shipping. Thank you." 
- William Okeson, Electronics Technician, NOAA Ship Delaware II

"I think L-com has a good variety of quality vs. cost lines of products. We will be ordering again and have recommended L-com to other people."
- Rex Allen, Project Manager, Intelligent Access Systems of North Carolina

"I am a researcher at the University of Kansas Medical Center. I placed an order today over the telephone to L-com, and it truly was one of the best customer service experiences I have had in years. I dealt with two customer service people and one IT person. They all took the time to find answers to my questions. You are lucky to have people working for you that make customers feel good about your service. Thank you again." 
- Matthew Scanlon, University of Kansas Medical Center

"L-com’s site is one of the best sites I use. A lot of manufacturers make it impossible to find drawings or data sheets on their sites, but yours are always right there. Being able to get pricing and check stock online is another time saver that I think a lot of your competitors don’t offer. You guys also have a ton of information right on the screen, like RoHS status, UPC #, etc. I think pretty much any question I would have on a product is usually available right on the screen.” 
- James Hopkins, Debcor Industries

"L-com has been supplying my group with high quality networking products at competitive prices and fast delivery for over 4 years. They have done a great job in supplying me with custom panels and cables that I use in my newly built High Availability Data Center. L-com is a great company with great products. I would recommend them." 
- Steven Esposito,

"I just wanted to say that I received your catalog in the mail last week, and I learned a great deal from it.  I'm a graduate student in physical chemistry and have encountered various coaxial, D-sub, and GPIB cables in scientific instruments over the past five years but often didn't understand why one type of cable or connector was used instead of another.  I probably learned as much about the cables I use in the twenty minutes spent leafing through your catalog as I had in my previous graduate school career.  I only wish that other companies with whom we do business would produce literature so informative.”
-Tony M., University of Chicago

"Selecting connectors and cables for new products is one of the design engineer's most time consuming and complicated tasks. So often, when selecting a connector or cable for a new design, having a critical reference document or "helpful hint" can cut the selection time dramatically and minimize poor choices. Many items in the L-com  catalog are available from other sources...however, the L-com catalog with its reference tables, size specifications, comparison diagrams, terminology definitions and tech-tips make it the first document I reach for when looking for connectivity products.”
-Gerry Chaplin, Principle Marine Research Engineer, University of Rhode Island - Graduate School of Oceanography

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