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Do you need custom cable assemblies, WiFi antennas, adapters or other custom connectivity products?

L-com has over 30 years of experience designing and manufacturing custom wired and wireless connectivity products. L-com's manufacturing facilities can build just about every type of copper or fiber cable assembly as well as custom connectors, WiFi antennas, adapters, RF amplifiers, surge protectors, NEMA enclosures and more.

L-com is ISO 9001: 2008 certified and many of our products are ULĀ® recognized. Our manufacturing facilities can build custom products in large or small volumes depending on your needs.

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CAD Engineering ServicesCustom USB Cable Assembly drawing

Design your own custom cable with L-com's online custom cable configurator

This handy cable configurator saves you time by allowing you to design and order your own custom cable assemblies. Our configurator tool allows you to design Fiber Optic, Low Loss Coaxial, RG Style Coaxial and Telecom/Ethernet cable assemblies.

L-com's Custom Cable Configurator Our custom manufacturing capabilities include:
  • Assembled and injection molded cable assemblies
  • Unique bulkhead adapters
  • Fiber optic cable assemblies and adapters
  • Sheet metal fabrication
  • Custom bulk cable formulations
  • Labeling and bar coding
  • Machined and cast coaxial connectors and adapters
  • Military and special packaging & kitting
  • RF antennas
  • RF amplifiers
  • RF filters and splitters
  • Surge protectors
  • Weatherproof NEMA Enclosures

Coaxial Cable and Component Assembly Solutions

Download our Coaxial Cable and Component Assembly Solutions brochure (PDF).

Coaxial Cable and Component Assembly Solutions Brochure

Wireless Antenna Solutions

Download our Wireless Antenna Solutions brochure (PDF).

Wireless Antenna Solutions Brochure

Engineered Solutions

Download our Engineered Solutions brochure (PDF).

Engineered Solutions Brochure

Industrial Enclosure Solutions

Download our Industrial Enclosure Solutions brochure (PDF).

Industrial Enclosure Solutions Brochure

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