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Coaxial Connector Chart

L-com’s Coaxial connector chart / reference guide helps you find the exact part you need. You may not know the name of every connector in the industry, but you know what you want. Compare our detailed pictures of popular BNC, F, FME, Mini-UHF, MC Card, MMCX, RP-MMCX, N, NMO, ORiNOCO, RCA, SMA, RP-SMA, SMB, SMC, TNC, Twin BNC, Twinaxial, and U.FL connectors to what you might have in your hand!

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Coaxial Connectors


Coaxial 1.6/5.6
Coaxial BNC 50 Ohm
Coaxial BNC 75 Ohm
Coaxial F
Coaxial FME
Coaxial Mini-UHF
Coaxial MC Card 
Coaxial MCX
Coaxial MMCX
Coaxial RP-MMCX 
Coaxial N
Coaxial NMO 
Coaxial ORiNOCO 
Coaxial RCA
Coaxial Sierra Wireless Compatible 
Coaxial Sony Ericsson Compatible 
Coaxial SMA


Coaxial RP-SMA
Coaxial SMB 50 Ohm
Coaxial SMB 75 Ohm
Coaxial SMC
Coaxial TNC
Coaxial RP-TNC
Coaxial UHF
Coaxial Waverider Compatible 
Twin BNC


Banana Plug / Binding Post

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