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L-com Press Releases

Press Releases that may be of interest to you:
1/21/2016 L-com Releases Low PIM-Rated Ceiling Mount DAS Antennas
1/14/2016 Point Six Wireless Joins the L-com Family of Brands
12/17/2015 L-com Releases UL® Listed Black NEMA Enclosures with 120V AC Power
12/10/2015 L-com Introduces Low-PIM-Rated Products for DAS Networks
12/3/2015 L-com Launches Right-Angle USB 3.0 Cable Assemblies
11/19/2015 L-com Releases 180-Degree MIMO Sector Antennas
11/12/2015 L-com Launches Industrial NEMA-Rated Equipment Enclosures
11/5/2015 L-com Introduces Dual-Band 4x4 MIMO Outdoor Omni-Directional Antenna
10/29/2015 L-com Releases Low-PIM Rated Omni-Directional Ceiling-Mount Antenna
10/22/2015 L-com Launches Economy Series USB Cable Assemblies
10/20/2015 L-com Global Connectivity Appoints Scott Rassoulian Global Director, Product Development and Engineering
10/15/2015 L-com Develops Panel Mount USB3 Vision Cables
10/8/2015 L-com Releases New GPS/Cellular Antennas
10/1/2015 L-com Introduces Cat6a Lightning and Surge Protector for 10/100/1000/10000 Ethernet Applications
9/24/2015 L-com Releases Industry-First, Patent-Pending Dual Polarity Quad MIMO Antenna
9/17/2015 L-com Introduces DAS Antennas for Indoor and Outdoor Applications
9/17/2015 L-com Expands Global Manufacturing Operations with the Opening of its Guaymas Mexico Facility
7/23/2015 L-com Releases 45 Degree Angled Ethernet Cables
7/16/2015 L-com Expands Warehouse and Manufacturing Operations at its Denton Texas Location
6/11/2015 L-com Releases Mini DisplayPort Cable Assemblies and Adapter
6/4/2015 L-com Now Offers High-Retention USB Panel-Mount Couplers
5/28/2015 L-com Introduces Panel Mount DVI-D Cable Assemblies
5/7/2015 L-com Global Connectivity Appoints Bentley Craig as COO
3/26/2015 L-com Receives Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Supplier Recognition Award
3/19/2015 Jason Whitehouse Appointed Operations Manager for L-com’s Denton, Texas Location
3/12/2015 L-com to Exhibit at IWCE 2015
3/5/2015 L-com Partners with AvaLAN Wireless to Offer Complete Long-range Industrial Wireless Solutions
2/26/2015 L-com Receives 2014 Boeing Performance Excellence Award
2/19/2015 L-com to Exhibit at the 2015 BICSI Winter Conference & Exhibition
2/12/2015 Scott Meinema Joins L-com as Director of Sales, Americas
2/5/2015 L-com offers Embedded PCB Antennas for OEM Applications
1/29/2015 L-com Releases New 2015 Master Catalog
1/22/2015 L-com Adds Cat6, 5e and 5 PoE Injectors with Power Supplies
1/15/2015 L-com Releases DIN Mountable RS232 and Control Line Surge Protector
12/18/2014 L-com's Outdoor Cat5e and Cat6 Cables Stand up to Harsh Conditions
12/4/2014 L-com Releases Cat5e and Cat6a Outdoor Rated Continuous Flex Ethernet Cables
11/27/2014 L-com Releases MIMO Antennas with Ubiquiti® RocketM2/M5 Mounting Kits
11/20/2014 Locking IEC Power Cords from L-com Provide Secure Connections
11/13/2014 L-com Expands USB Line to Include Panel Mount USB Cables with Ground Wire
11/6/2014 Michael Braun Joins L-com as Director of Supply Chain
10/23/2014 L-com Introduces FCC/IC Certified Outdoor 2.4 GHz 802.11b/g/n High Power Wireless Adapter Kit
10/16/2014 Bill Miller Appointed as Executive Vice President of Sales and Product Development
10/9/2014 L-com to Showcase their Latest Wireless Products at WISPAPALOOZA
9/25/2014 L-com Secures Glenn International as an Authorized Representative
9/11/2014 L-com to Offer New IP68 Cat5e Armored Cable Assemblies
9/4/2014 L-com Expands DisplayPort Line with the Addition of Low Smoke Zero Halogen Jacketed Cable Assemblies
8/28/2014 L-com Releases Low Profile Backshell DisplayPort Cable Assemblies
8/21/2014 L-com Launches DIN Mountable Power Over Ethernet (PoE) Midspan/Injectors and Injector Kits
8/7/2014 L-com Now Offers Off-the-shelf LSZH Power Cords
7/31/2014 L-com Adds Additional 120 Degree DAS Sectorial Antenna
7/24/2014 L-com Extends Contact Center Hours of Operation
7/17/2014 L-com Expands Right Angled USB Cable Line
7/10/2014 L-com Introduces New Crossed Polarized Flat Panel Antennas
7/3/2014 L-com Releases New Dual Polarity 2.4/5 GHz Flat Panel Antennas
6/26/2014 L-com Reveals New UR/MGUR Series Mini Mobile Omni-Directional Antennas
6/19/2014 L-com Receives Raytheon Supplier Excellence Award
6/12/2014 L-com Introduces New MPO Fiber Products
5/29/2014 L-com to Offer Clear Jacketed USB 2.0 Premium Cables
5/22/2014 L-com Adds Additional USB 3.0 Vision Cable Options
5/15/2014 L-com Launches USB 2.0 Micro B Extension Cables
5/8/2014 L-com to Offer Economy In-Line Cat6 Lightning and Surge Protectors
4/24/2014 L-com Releases New 90 Degree Angled D-sub Cables
4/17/2014 L-com Offers Keystone Panel Mount Option for HDMI Applications
4/10/2014 L-com Launches TS-9 Coax Connector and Antennas
4/3/2014 L-com Introduces Shorter Cable Length Options for its CHD and CRMN D-Sub Cable Lines
3/27/2014 L-com Adds New DB15 Male and Female Shielded Connector Covers
3/21/2014 Jon Jensen Appointed as President and CEO of L-com Global Connectivity
3/20/2014 L-com to Unveil its Latest Wireless Products at IWCE
3/13/2014 L-com Introduces New HyperLink® Brand 2.4/4.9-5.8 GHz HGV Series Omni directional Antennas
3/6/2014 L-com Adds New Dual Port Lightning Protectors to its CMSP Series Line
2/27/2014 L-com Manufactures New ELP Series Economy Lightning and Surge Protectors
2/20/2014 L-com Offers New LSZH USB 3.0 Cables
2/17/2014 L-com Releases 12 and 24 Port Rack Mount Lightning and Surge Protectors
2/13/2014 L-com Promotes Chris Long to Chief Marketing Officer
2/6/2014 L-com Manufactures new 45 Degree Angled D-sub Cable Assemblies
1/30/2014 L-com Releases new USB UPM Style Panel Mount Cables
1/23/2014 L-com to Exhibit at the BICSI 2014 Winter Conference
1/9/2014 L-com Adds New USB3 Vision Cables with Thumbscrew Hardware
12/26/2013 L-com Offers 7/16 DIN Coaxial Products to Address High Power Communications Applications
12/12/2013 L-com Supports Gigabit WiFi with 802.11ac Antennas
11/7/2013 L-com Introduces HyperLink® Spatial Diversity/Cross Polarized Sectorial Panel Antennas
10/24/2013 L-com Improves Its Rack-Mount Data-Line and Phone Lightning Protectors
10/17/2013 L-com's Plastic Armored USB Cables Resist Up To 800 PSI Crushes and Impacts
10/3/2013 L-com to Distribute Icron Technologies’ new USB 2.0 Ranger® 2304 Series USB Extenders
9/13/2013 L-com Reaches Distribution Agreement with Anixter Brazil Ltda.
9/5/2013 L-com Launches Additional Deluxe-Grade DVI Cable Options
9/4/2013 L-com Redesigns Its Bulk Ethernet Cabling Category and Adds More Than 25 New Options
8/29/2013 L-com's New Coaxial Crimp Lightning Protectors Provide Very High Performance
8/1/2013 L-com Releases 5-Port and 8-Port Gigabit Desktop Switches
7/31/2013 L-com Introduces Two New HyperLink® DAS Sectorial Panel Antennas
7/24/2013 L-com Partners with Rojone PTY LTD in Ingleburn, Australia
7/15/2013 L-com Introduces LSZH SATA Cables with Latching Connectors
7/12/2013 L-com's New Armored D-Subminiature Cables Resist Excessive Force Crushing
7/3/2013 L-com Adds Seven New Wireless Active Products from Planet Networking & Communications
6/26/2013 L-com Partners with WNI Mexico SA to Distribute HyperLink Wireless Products
6/13/2013 L-com Adds 2-Port Gigabit 49VDC PoE Injector/Midspan with Integral Power Supply
6/12/2013 Wireless Tech of Silverwater, Australia is now an Authorized Distributor of L-com and HyperLink Products
6/10/2013 L-com Renews Its Commitment to US Manufacturing With New Ethernet Assemblies Made Completely in the USA
6/7/2013 L-com's New Shielded LSZH Right Angle Category 5E Cable Assemblies Provide Additional EMI Protection
6/3/2013 L-com Positions Itself to Support Distributed Antenna System (DAS) Technology
5/31/2013 PC Magazine Lists L-com's HT-110EZ Combination Crimp/Punch Tool an Editors' Choice
5/30/2013 L-com Now Offers OM2, OM3 and Single Mode Military/Tactical Grade Fiber Optic Cables
5/23/2013 L-com Launches Deluxe-Grade USB Type A Male/Female Cable Line
5/17/2013 L-com Launches LSZH Line of Right Angle Category 5E Cable Assemblies
5/16/2013 USB Cables with 45° Angle Connectors Added to L-com Lineup
5/15/2013 L-com Adds MPO Ribbon Fiber Options to Online Cable Configurator
5/13/2013 L-com Wins Communicator Awards for the Second Year in a Row
5/3/2013 L-com Expands MPO Fiber Optic Cable Line
4/22/2013 Argentina's Masnet S. A. to Distribute L-com and HyperLink® Products
4/8/2013 IAC Names L-com.com Best Computer Hardware Website in 2013
4/4/2013 L-com Finalist in EE Times and EDN Magazine's 2013 ACE Awards
4/3/2013 L-com's New HyperLink® 90° Sector Panel Antennas for the 5 GHz Band are Dual Polarized
4/1/2013 L-com Releases Miniature Industrial Enclosures for Junctions, Terminal Wiring, Instrument Housing, and Pushbutton Housing
3/29/2013 L-com's Latest Industrial Enclosures Withstand Temperatures up to 302°F (150°C)
3/22/2013 L-com Releasing a Series of Solderless Coaxial Connectors
2/28/2013 L-com Customer Service Department Earns Third Gold Stevie® Award from the American Business Awards
2/25/2013 L-com Creates Industrial/Outdoor-Rated Bulk Ethernet Cable Product Center
2/18/2013 L-com Adds New Combination 110 IDC Punch Tool and RJ45 Crimp Tool
2/6/2013 L-com Introduces a 802.3af PoE Splitter/Tap with Adjustable DC Output
2/4/2013 L-com Adds DPD Series HyperLink® Dual-Polarized Dish Antennas with High Gain for the 2.4 GHz Band
2/1/2013 HyperLink® HGV Series Antennas Provide Excellent Value
1/31/2013 L-com Receives Eight Finalist Nods from American Business Awards
1/30/2013 Alpha-Digi of São Paulo, Brazil to Distribute L-com/HyperLink™ Products
1/28/2013 L-com Adds ICP DAS Ethernet I/O Modules and TouchPad Controllers
1/25/2013 L-com's New 8x8 (RJ45) Plugs Designed to Terminate Large OD Conductors
1/23/2013 L-com Adds USB 3.0 Fiber Extender Spectra(tm) System by Icron
1/21/2013 L-com's New Right Angle USB Adapters are for Mini B5 and Micro B Connector Types
1/18/2013 L-com Adds New Right Angle RCA and TS 1/4" Audio/Video Adapters
1/16/2013 New UP Series 5.1-5.8 GHz Omnidirectional Antennas from HyperLink® Provide High Performance
1/14/2013 L-com's New ECF-style USB Panel-mount Cables Feature Latching Connectors
12/27/2012 New D-Subminiature Gender Changers Have Hardware Removed for Panel Mounting
12/14/2012 L-com Adds Ruggedized Ethernet, Military Fiber, and Bend Insensitive (BIF) Fiber Options to Online Cable Configurator
12/12/2012 New L-com USB Jack Dust Covers Have Lanyards
12/10/2012 Ruggedized IP68 Cables Added to L-com's Ethernet Cabling Lineup
12/7/2012 L-com Adds New Right Angle USB Cables to Address Confined Space Applications
11/21/2012 L-com's Latest Security and Surveillance Lineup Includes All-in-One DVR Kits from Vonnic
11/9/2012 New HyperLink® 2.4 GHz Horizontal Polarized Waveguide Omnidirectional Antennas for Multipoint Applications
11/7/2012 USB Panel-Mount PCB Connectors Added to L-com Lineup
11/2/2012 L-com Signs Distribution Agreement with Carlton-Bates Company
10/24/2012 L-com Introduces Five New HyperLink Dual Polarized Flat Panel Antennas
9/26/2012 tED Magazine Announces L-com Has Won Best of the Best Digital/Social Media Campaign
9/24/2012 L-com Wins Gold in the International Business Awards
9/21/2012 New Educational Video Explains Outdoor WiFi Booster Installation
9/20/2012 L-com Releases a 48VDC All-In-One PoE Injector with 24W Power Supply
9/19/2012 L-com Announces Distribution Agreement with ISECOM in Argentina
8/31/2012 L-com Introduces All-in-One HyperLink PoE DC Injectors/Power Supplies
8/20/2012 L-com's Latest HyperLink Brand "EG" Antenna Achieves 29 dBi Gain
8/17/2012 New Dual Polarized 2.4 GHz Flat Panel Antenna Provides High Gain
8/16/2012 L-com's Metal Armored USB Cables Resist Up To 1500 PSI Crushes and Impacts
8/15/2012 L-com's New Heavy Duty Flat Panel Antennas Offer 9 dBi Gain for the 900 MHz Band
8/13/2012 L-com Adds New Sizes to Its Non-Powered Weatherproof Industrial Enclosures Line
8/10/2012 L-com Introduces Armored HDMI Audio/Video Cable Assemblies
8/9/2012 L-com's New Dual Polarity Dish Antennas Provide 4.9-5.8 GHz Broadband Signal in Both Vertical and Horizontal Polarizations
8/8/2012 L-com Wins TMC's Communication Solutions Product of the Year Award
7/6/2012 L-com Stocks Advanced Fiber Solutions OTDR and Fiber Test Kits Off-the-Shelf
7/5/2012 L-com Debuts Right Angle USB Mini B5 and Micro B Cables
6/25/2012 L-com's Horizon Interactive Award Win the Latest in a Long List of Awards
6/21/2012 L-com Wins tED Magazine's Best of the Best Award for Second Year in a Row
6/18/2012 L-com Re-introduces 2.4 GHz Grid Antenna Line
6/15/2012 L-com Adds New Industry-Standard Video Cable Options
6/14/2012 New 3.5 GHz 802.16e WiMAX Compatible Amplifiers Add 1 Watt Power to Wireless Transmissions
6/11/2012 L-com Introduces Commercial-Grade Thinnet (10Base-2) and Thicknet (10Base-5) Converters for Legacy Installs
5/24/2012 L-com Named Finalist in Three Categories of the American Business Awards
5/23/2012 Allied Electronics Wins L-com's Distributor of the Year Award for Second Straight Year
5/14/2012 L-com Reports Counterfeit Cables Are a Disturbing Trend
5/7/2012 L-com Stocks Black Jacketed Double Shielded D-Subminiature Cable Assemblies
5/3/2012 L-com Wins Three Silver Awards of Distinction from The 2012 Communicator Awards
4/30/2012 L-com Supports Emerging Standard with Middle Atlantic Products' New HRF Series Half Rack Systems
4/19/2012 ARROW Technologies India to Distribute L-com Products
4/18/2012 L-com Adds Mil-Spec and Ruggedized ST Fiber Optic Adapters, Connectors, and Covers
4/12/2012 New Dual Line Telephone/DSL/T1 Lightning Protector Added to Extensive Offering
4/5/2012 L-com Partners with Maham Fasteners Ltd. in Israel to Expand Product Distribution
4/2/2012 Dual Polarity Omnidirectional MIMO Antennas Combine Many Popular Features
3/28/2012 New Four-Port Wall/Shelf-Mount and Rack-Mount Gas Tube Lightning Protectors Protect Cat 6 Lines
3/26/2012 Gigabit Ethernet Passive PoE Midspans Added to L-com Lineup
3/19/2012 New USB 3.0 Mounting Option: Side-Flange Mount Cables
3/12/2012 Compact Single-Port Cat5 Passive PoE Midspan/Injectors Offer Cost Effective PoE Solutions
3/7/2012 L-com Wins Gold in 2012 Stevie® Awards for Sales & Customer Service
2/27/2012 Unshielded USB 2.0 Couplers Offer Secure Panel-Mounting to Any Thickness
2/22/2012 L-com Expands Line of AC/DC Control Line Lightning and Surge Protectors
2/6/2012 L-com will Exhibit at CeBIT 2012 with Distribution Partner PIDSO
1/30/2012 Electronica LAMA of Dominican Republic Partners with L-com
1/25/2012 BICSI 2012 Winter Conference and Exhibition to Include L-com as Exhibitor
1/23/2012 L-com Announces It Will Exhibit at DesignCon 2012 in Santa Clara
1/10/2012 L-com Wins Product of the Year Award from Electronic House Magazine
1/9/2012 USB 3.0 Bulkhead Cables Added to L-com Lineup
1/4/2012 L-com Wins Outstanding Achievement in Website Development from Interactive Media Awards
12/15/2011 Flange-mount RJ45 Right-Angle Couplers Work on Thicker Panels to Prevent Cable Damage in Tight Spaces
12/14/2011 New L-com USB Wireless Ethernet Adapter Provides Faster Connection
12/2/2011 USB Side-Flange Mount Jacks with 24" Wire Leads Provide Unique Mounting Options
12/1/2011 New D-Subminiature Y Adapters/Splitters Expand Serial Ports
11/30/2011 New USB 2.0 Right-Angle Type B and Mini-B5 Adapters Solve Tight Space Connection Problems
11/14/2011 Indoor Lightning and Surge Protectors Mount On Standard In-Wall Electrical/Conduit Boxes
11/10/2011 L-com Introduces Complete Line of DIN 3 Rail Mountable Lightning Protectors
11/9/2011 New L-com Lightning Protectors Will Protect 15VDC and 24VDC PoE Equipment
11/2/2011 L-com Partners with CMS plc to Bring Connectivity Products to the UK
10/26/2011 X-Concepts Awards L-com, Inc for Product Quality and Diversity
10/21/2011 L-com Wins Silver Award in W3 Awards
10/14/2011 L-com Announces New Industrial Ethernet Switches for Harsh Environments
10/12/2011 20 L-com Products Homologated in Brazil
10/7/2011 L-com to exhibit at GITEX in Dubai, UAE
10/5/2011 L-com branded CPE wireless access points offer dependability and security
9/29/2011 High-flex USB 2.0 cables maintain connectivity through extreme bend cycle counts
9/26/2011 L-com Expands European Distribution Channel with PIDSO
9/7/2011 New SATA, eSATA, and Micro USB Covers Protect Sensitive Ports and Cables
9/1/2011 Right-angle DVI-D cables allow tight-space connectivity
8/31/2011 L-com brand DIN rail-mountable fiber media converters operate up to 80km
8/10/2011 L-com Debuts Right-Angle, PCB-Mount D-Subminiature Connectors
8/4/2011 L-com Successfully Passes ISO 9001-2008 Recertification Audit
8/3/2011 L-com’s New Tool-Free D-Sub Connectors Simplify Field Termination
7/28/2011 L-com Introduces Plug-and-Play VGA Splitters and Extender
7/27/2011 Smaller-Gauge USB Bulk Cable Enables Flexible USB Cable Assembly Production
7/20/2011 L-com Brand HDMI® Splitters, Switches and Extenders Now Available
6/13/2011 L-com Expands Brazilian Distribution Channel with Bertek
5/26/2011 L-com Earns Supplier Award from Ultra Electronics DNE Technologies
5/25/2011 L-com Joins Heilind Electronics’ Distribution Network
5/25/2011 L-com honors Allied Electronics as 2010 Distributor of the Year
5/25/2011 L-com Launches Compact 2.4 GHz Wireless Antenna for Nearly Invisible Ceiling Mounting
5/25/2011 L-com Expands USB Offering With Type B Coupler/Cable Products
5/25/2011 L-com’s New IP66/67-Rated Duplex LC Fiber Cables Deliver Single mode Connectivity in Harsh Environments
5/23/2011 New 2.4 GHz FCC-Certified Economy Amplifier Kits Offer WLAN Amplification at Economy Prices
5/18/2011 L-com Named Finalist in 2011 American Business Awards (Stevie Awards) for its Website
5/6/2011 Raytheon Honors L-com for Excellence
5/4/2011 4-20 mA Current Loop Lightning and Surge Protectors Prevent Costly Device Repairs
4/27/2011 Fiber Optic Keyed LC Coupler Sub-Panels Allow Network Color Coding
4/20/2011 New USB Cables Combine Latching Technology with Zero-Halogen Cable
4/13/2011 L-com Exhibits at GSA Training Conference and Expo 2011
4/6/2011 L-com’s Round-It Simplifies Cable and Harness Protection
3/23/2011 L-com’s Heavy Duty 20 AWG Bulk Cable Provides Low Voltage Power Options
3/9/2011 New 2.4 GHz FCC-Certified PoE Amp Kits Include Wireless Ethernet Adapters
3/3/2011 L-com wins 2011 Stevie® Award for Customer Service
2/23/2011 L-com Expands USB Connector Offering
2/16/2011 L-com's New LSZH USB Bulk Cable Serves Military/Aerospace Applications
2/9/2011 L-com Now Carries Female-to-Female Non-Panel Mount D-Sub Cables
2/7/2011 L-com Exhibits at CeBIT 2011
2/2/2011 Coax Cable Assemblies Featuring FME Connectors Now Available from L-com
1/26/2011 Nickel-plated brass flanged USB coupler provides stability and shielding
1/20/2011 Marie Walling Joins L-com as Director of USA Sales
1/12/2011 L-com Introduces Heavy Duty 20AWG Ultra-Durable D-Sub Cables
1/5/2011 L-com Doubles Options with Deluxe and Premium USB 2.0 A-A Cables
12/2/2010 L-com Designs Fourth Adapter for USB 2.0 Micro B Interface
12/1/2010 L-com's DG9037 Series Adapters Provide Clearance in Tight Spaces
11/11/2010 L-com Now Offers Lightning and Surge Protection for Harsh Environments
11/9/2010 L-com's New China Facility Expands Global Sales of U.S.-Manufactured Equipment
10/27/2010 L-com Addresses Legacy Industrial Networking Applications with RS-232 Interface Converters
10/20/2010 New Covers Protect USB Male Connectors Against Physical Damage
10/13/2010 HFBR Connectors with Plastic Optical Fiber Cable Assemblies Offer Durability
10/6/2010 L-com Solves Bend Sensitivity in Fiber Bulk Cable and Cable Assemblies
9/30/2010 L-com exhibiting at GITEX 30th anniversary in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
9/23/2010 L-com Expands LSZH D-subminiature Cable Line with LSZH DB15 Cable Assemblies
9/16/2010 L-com Expands D-sub Field Termination Line with Male Receptacles
9/15/2010 L-com's New Flexible / Rotating USB 2.0 Cables Offer Versatility in Small Spaces
8/24/2010 L-com Adds USB 3.0 Extension Cables to its USB 3.0 Lineup
8/5/2010 L-com Adds USB Micro B and Black A-B Cable Assemblies
8/3/2010 L-com Adds Right Angle RJ45 Cables with Patent Pending Technology
7/21/2010 Chris Long Joins L-com’s Marketing Team as SVP of eCommerce and Marketing
7/15/2010 L-com Now Carries Shielded 10x10 Modular Plugs (RJ50) and Crimp Tool
7/6/2010 L-com Now Carries UL Listed NEMA Rated Industrial Enclosures
6/14/2010 L-com Redesigns NEMA Enclosures for Significant Improvements
6/10/2010 SATA Extension Cables Solve Common IT Problems
5/27/2010 Earle Durham Joins L-com, Inc. as Chief Revenue Officer
5/25/2010 L-com Adds IP67 USB Shielded Cables to USB Lineup
5/21/2010 L-com Releases AISG Compatible Products
5/20/2010 L-com Releases Category 5E STP Cables in gray, blue, green, black, red and yellow
5/18/2010 New Website Feature Allows Easy Lookup of Government NSN and NIN Numbers
5/6/2010 L-com Releases IP67 RJ45 Cables, Feed-Thru Adapters, and Strain Reliefs
4/1/2010 L-com Releases Shielded, Right Angle, RJ45 Cat 5e Panel Mount Coupler
3/31/2010 LSZH DVI-D Cables Now Available from L-com Global Connectivity
3/30/2010 L-com Releases New Line of Power Over Ethernet Products
3/25/2010 2.4GHz, 3.5GHz and 5.1/5.8GHz Panel Enclosure Antennas Now Available at L-com Global Connectivity
3/24/2010 L-com Releases Two New Lightning Protectors for DSL/Telephone Lines and RS485 Lines
3/23/2010 L-com Expands 900 MHz Antenna Offering with New Yagi Antennas
3/11/2010 L-com Releases New Lightning Protectors for Cat5 Data Lines
3/8/2010 Six New NEMA Enclosures from L-com Provide Rain Shielded Ventilation
3/4/2010 L-com Releases Lightning Protectors for AC and DC Control Lines
3/2/2010 L-com Now Offers M12 Cables, Connectors and Adapters
2/17/2010 Broadata Audio/Video Products Available from L-com Global Connectivity
2/11/2010 L-com’s Latest Universal Enclosure Can Be Used All Around the World
2/10/2010 Right Angle D-Sub Adapters Join L-com’s Global Connectivity Lineup
2/9/2010 L-com Now Carries XLR and TS ¼" Pro Audio Cables and Connectors
2/2/2010 CeBIT Show 2010 to Feature L-com and HyperLink Products
1/28/2010 L-com Releases USB Dongle Series 802.11g Network Adapter with 2dBi Antenna
1/27/2010 USB Type A Female is the Latest Field Termination Connector from L-com Global Connectivity
1/20/2010 HDMI Swivel Cables Provide Seamless Connectivity in Tight Spaces
1/20/2010 L-com Releases New TRD877 Extreme High Flex Industrial Patch Cords
1/20/2010 L-com’s New Latching USB Cables Overcome Common USB Connectivity Problem
1/15/2010 L-com Global Connectivity increases its Cat5 Lightning Protector Line
1/15/2010 L-com Now Offers 1' Quick Disconnect SVGA Cable
11/20/2009 L-com Expands Its Shielded Modular Line with A Shielded Side-Exit Cat5e Jack
11/20/2009 New DVI Extender Uses Cat 5 UTP Cable to Extend Up To 100 Feet
10/21/2009 New High Gain 4.9 GHz Dish Antenna for Homeland Security available from L-com Global Connectivity
10/7/2009 L-com Global Connectivity to Display at GITEX 2009 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
8/10/2009 NID Enclosures Added to L-com's Product Offering
8/4/2009 L-com Adds Brand Name Wireless Networking Equipment to its Product Line
7/30/2009 L-com Releases Panel Mount USB Surge Protector Coupler
7/24/2009 240V NEMA Enclosures with Euro Style Plugs added to L-com’s Product Portfolio
7/23/2009 New Field Termination USB Connector and Shielded USB Coupler from L-com
7/22/2009 L-com Offers New 4-Way Signal Splitter for Wideband WLAN Applications
7/21/2009 L-com Introduces Right Angle Cat 5E Keystone Coupler for Tight Fit Applications
6/23/2009 L-com Releases 2.4 GHz Spatial Diversity Antennas for Wide Angle Coverage WLAN Applications
6/17/2009 L-com Develops 19” Four Port Surge Protector Panel to Protect Communications Equipment
6/17/2009 L-com Global Connectivity Releases 802.3af Compliant NEMA Enclosures with Fans
6/16/2009 L-com Global Connectivity Wins NEDMA Gold Award for Best B2B Catalog
6/12/2009 L-com Global Connectivity adds Cat 5E PoE Injectors with Surge Protection
6/1/2009 L-com Releases New Four Port PoE Injectors for Power/Data Applications
5/28/2009 New Flexible USB Adapter From L-com Addresses Confined Space Applications
5/14/2009 L-com Releases New Data Line Surge Protectors to Protect Telecommunications Equipment
5/11/2009 L-com offers Alpha Micro Netport RS232 to Ethernet Cable Adapter to Bridge Serial and IP Networks
5/7/2009 L-com Global Connectivity Releases Right Angle USB Adapters to Address Tight Fit Applications
4/27/2009 L-com to Exhibit at The Digital Signage Show in Las Vegas, Nevada
4/22/2009 New USB Products from L-com Global Connectivity
4/16/2009 L-com Develops New Wide Angle Coverage Directional Antenna for 2.4GHz PCS/DCS Applications
4/14/2009 L-com Introduces New Online Cable Configuration Tool Saving Customers Time and Money
4/7/2009 L-com Releases eSATA and eSATA to Latching SATA II Cable Assemblies
4/6/2009 GSA Expo 2009 to Include L-com Global Connectivity at Booth Number 2844
4/6/2009 L-com Receives 2008 Boeing Performance Excellence Award
4/3/2009 L-com Develops NEMA Enclosure Universal Pole Mounting Kit for Smaller Diameter Poles
3/25/2009 L-com Releases New IP67 IEEE 1394 Firewire Cable Assemblies for Industrial Computing Applications
3/19/2009 New DVI Products from L-com Support Growing A/V Market
3/19/2009 New DIN Rail NEMA Enclosures Protect Industrial Communications Equipment
3/17/2009 L-com Global Connectivity Donates Category 5e Cable to the Ben Franklin Institute of Technology
3/17/2009 L-com Announces the Release of Waterproof/Dustproof D-sub Covers
3/9/2009 L-com Announces New SignDriver™ Digital Signage Distribution System
3/3/2009 L-com Protects Valuable Equipment and Lives with its New LSZH USB Cables
2/23/2009 L-com Announces HyperLink Brand 2.4 GHz 9 dBi Omni-Directional Antenna with 7 Degree Down-Tilt
2/17/2009 L-com Announces the Addition of DB15 D-Subminiature Adapters and Cables
2/17/2009 L-com Protects Expensive Communication Equipment with New Surge Protector Wall Plates
2/12/2009 L-com Announces ISO 9001:2008 Certification for its Wireless Manufacturing and Fulfillment Facility
12/16/2008 L-com to Showcase DisplayPort Technology at CES 2009
12/2/2008 L-com Announces Addition of HyperLink Wireless Line to Portfolio of Products
11/10/2008 L-com now offers bulk packaged connectors for its D-Subminiature product line
10/3/2008 Allied Electronics to Distribute L-com’s HyperLink Product Line
9/26/2008 L-com introduces two new HyperLink brand CAT5e Lightning Surge Protectors
9/10/2008 L-com Announces Release of New 2008 Master Catalog 2.0
9/10/2008 L-com Connectivity Products Releases a New 64 Page Product Supplement Catalog
9/4/2008 L-com Partners with Minicom to Extend its KVM Switch Offering
8/22/2008 L-com Continues Green Investment with Riverside Sustainability Awareness Training Program
7/24/2008 L-com Connectivity Products Offers Latching Serial ATA Cable Assemblies
7/14/2008 L-com Adds Two New Cable Assemblies to Their USB Line
7/3/2008 L-com Adds to its HDMI Product Offering
6/30/2008 L-com Announces a new line of HyperLink Brand 240 VAC Weatherproof Enclosures
6/26/2008 L-com.com wins NEDMA award for creative excellence
6/24/2008 L-com introduces eight new HyperLink brand “OEM” 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi Amplifier models
6/17/2008 L-com announces a new HyperLink Brand 2.4 GHz 27 dBi Grid Antenna
6/9/2008 L-com Expands USB Adapter Offering
6/3/2008 L-com Releases DB25 Connector for Field Terminations
5/29/2008 L-com Donates More Than $6000 to China Earthquake Disaster Fund
5/27/2008 L-com Announces Hyperlink brand new Center Fed Omni Antenna - HG2408U-PRO
5/22/2008 L-com Earns Silver Web Channel Award at the 2008 Multichannel Merchant Awards Ceremony
5/22/2008 L-com Connectivity Products Release a 64 Page Product Supplement Catalog
5/21/2008 L-com Introduces Category 6 A/B Switch Box Line
5/15/2008 L-com adds DisplayPort Cables to Product Line
5/15/2008 L-com expands its HyperLink brand outdoor lightning surge protector line with seven new models
4/30/2008 L-com Green Initiative is win-win for both company and environment
4/24/2008 L-com CEO celebrates 2-year anniversary amid tremendous company growth
4/23/2008 L-com introduces a new series of Black DB9 and DB25 cable assemblies
4/22/2008 L-com is accepted as a member of VESA
4/14/2008 L-com releases new Deluxe Series USB 2.0 Cables
3/28/2008 L-com Releases New 'Standard Grade' SVGA Cable Assemblies
1/30/2008 Fiber Optic Cables Now Come In Colored Varieties at L-com Connectivity Products
1/28/2008 CeBIT 2008 Global Expo to Host L-com Connectivity Products in Germany
12/6/2007 L-com Adds New Surveillance Cameras, KVM Switches and 802.11n Wireless Equipment to its Product Line
9/19/2007 L-com Wins Electronics Standard of Excellence Award from WMA's WebAwards
9/10/2007 L-com Announces Release of Their 2007 Master Catalog 2.0
9/10/2007 L-com Expands Its Coaxial Product Offering with Twenty New Coaxial Items
7/12/2007 New “Shark Fin” Style Snagless Boots Make High-Density Patching Easy
7/12/2007 Sleek and Stylish: Decora Wall Plates Available at L-com Connectivity Products
7/12/2007 L-com Carries Category 3 RJ12 110 Keystone Jacks For Telephone and Data Applications
7/3/2007 L-com now offers extended length HDMI Cable Assemblies
6/30/2007 L-com Connectivity Products Acquires HyperLink Technologies
6/19/2007 RCA Crimp Connectors Available at L-com Connectivity Products
6/6/2007 MPO Fiber Optic Rack Panels now available from L-com Connectivity Products
5/25/2007 L-com Connectivity Products Enhances its USP (Universal Sub Panel) Offering with Black Colored Panels to Match Standard Rack Equipment
5/8/2007 L-com Connectivity Products Releases a 64 Page Product Supplement Catalog
5/3/2007 L-com Improves its Catalog Quick Order Feature on L-com.com
5/1/2007 InfoComm 07 Show to Include L-com Connectivity Products Booth Number 14019
4/17/2007 New LC Fiber Optic Cables added to L-com Connectivity Products’ Fiber Optic line
3/16/2007 GSA Expo 2007 to Include L-com Connectivity Products Booth Number 2232
3/2/2007 L-com Updates its Email A Cart Feature on L-com.com
2/6/2007 L-com Releases Web Site Update Including Enhanced Cart and Shopping Features
2/6/2007 L-com Celebrates their 25th Anniversary with the Release of Their First 2007 Product Supplemental Catalog
1/23/2007 L-com Introduces 1U High-Density LC Fiber Patch Panels with 96 LC Fiber Ports
12/18/2006 L-com Releases Fiber Optic Patch cables for use in Military combat vehicles and field deployed communications equipment
11/21/2006 L-com China Plant Opened in SuZhou
11/15/2006 New HDMI Rack Panels added to L-com’s A/V offering
11/7/2006 Plenum rated SVGA cable assemblies price lowered at L-com Connectivity Products
11/1/2006 L-com Connectivity Products Adds New Professional Audio/Video (A/V) Universal Rack Sub Panels
10/12/2006 L-com Announces the Release of Their New 2006-2007 Master Catalog
10/2/2006 L-com Partners with Transition Networks to Offer Media Converters and Other Products
8/25/2006 L-com Announces Addition of Pre-terminated IP67 Waterproof Grommet Cable Assemblies
8/24/2006 L-com Announces Addition of Weatherproof Enclosure for Communications Equipment
8/24/2006 PowerLine Products Allow Ethernet Connectivity Using Existing Power Cables
8/17/2006 L-com Provides Free 3D Images of Electrical Components Including Cables, Connectors, and Adapters
8/8/2006 L-com Teams with ICP DAS USA to offer Industrial Ethernet Switches, Protocol Converters and Data Acquisition Devices
7/14/2006 L-com Adds Hirschmann Automation’s MODBUS and PROFIBUS Fiber to Copper Media Converters to Its Industrial Networking Line
7/11/2006 L-com Introduces IP66/67 Industrial Fiber Cable with Duplex LC Connectors
7/10/2006 L-com Announces Addition of Category 6 Hi-Speed Network Cable
7/10/2006 L-com Announces Addition of Category 6 Low Smoke Zero Halogen Shielded Cable
5/5/2006 L-com Announces Plastic Optical Fiber (POF) SMI Patch Cables for Industrial and Home Networking Applications
4/21/2006 L-com Adds Military Tactical and Harsh Environment Fiber Optic Cables to Its Custom Manufacturing Capabilities
4/20/2006 L-com Announces the Availability of the Planet FT-807 Plastic Optical Fiber (POF) SMI Media Converter
4/19/2006 L-com Supports Growing Plastic Optical Fiber Market with Advanced Fiber Systems POF Cable Test Kit
4/13/2006 L-com Enhances Free Online Connectivity Products Catalog Downloads
3/29/2006 L-com Announces Its New Coil Fiber Optic Cables
3/21/2006 L-com Announces Addition of Firewire Covers
3/2/2006 L-com Announces the Release of Their New 2006 Master Catalog
2/25/2006 L-com Announces Availability of its New Waterproof USB B Style Cable Assemblies
2/24/2006 L-com Announces the Availability of its New Hospital Grade Power Cords
2/17/2006 L-com Interviewed by Boston Business Journal Magazine for Involvement in Future Combat Systems Government Program
1/23/2006 L-com Attains GSA Contract
1/22/2006 L-com Announces Expansion of its U.S. Manufacturing Operations
1/16/2006 L-com Adds Category 5E RJ45 to RJ45 Continuous Flex Oil Resistant Double Shielded Patch Cords
1/3/2006 L-com Adds 10 Gigabit Laser Optimized 50/125 Multimode Fiber Jumper Cables to It’s Extensive Fiber Product Offering
11/29/2005 L-com Launches New Web Site
11/17/2005 L-com Joins the Better Business Bureau, Serving Eastern Massachusetts, Maine and Vermont
11/8/2005 L-com Connectivity Products Full Product Line Now Offered on Amazon.com
10/19/2005 L-com Announces Right Angle D-Sub Adapters
9/21/2005 L-com Purchases State-Of-The-Art RoHS Equipment
9/6/2005 L-com Offers 48 Hour Lead Times on Many Custom Fiber Optic Cables
8/18/2005 L-com Introduces a New Line of High-Performance Toslink Optical Audio Cables
8/4/2005 L-com Completes Re-Certification to ISO 9001-2000 Quality System
8/1/2005 L-com Announces the Release of Their 2005 Cabling Product Supplement Catalog
6/6/2005 L-com Expands Its Fiber Cable Offering With a Line of APC Polish Single Mode Fiber Cables
5/1/2005 L-com Announces Addition of Over 3,000 CAD Models to Their Website
8/31/2004 L-com Announces USB Panel Mount Coupler to Pigtail Cable
8/30/2004 L-com Announces USB Mountable Extension Cable Assembly
7/19/2004 L-com Announces USB Shielded AA Panel Mount Coupler
7/1/2004 L-com Announces AdderLink IP KVM Extender
6/23/2004 L-com Announces Field Termination DB9 Female Connector
6/14/2004 L-com Announces Low Smoke Zero Halogen SCSI-3 Cable Assembly
5/20/2004 L-com Announces Cable Jacket Stripper For Round and Flat Cable
3/4/2004 L-com Announces Waterproof USB Cable Assembly
1/21/2004 L-com Announces Plenum Rated IEEE-488 Cable Assembly
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