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L-com Video - Grid Antenna - Vol. 9 No. 37

L-com Global Connectivity
How To Install a HyperLink Brand Grid Antenna
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Volume 9, Number 37

How To Assemble and Install
a HyperLink Brand Grid Antenna

L-com recently completed a video on the popular HyperLink Brand Grid Antennas
that we carry.

Grid antennas are especially good for point-to-point connectivity. The grid, from which it gets its name, has spaces in it that are small enough to reflect the waves of signal back towards the element. This allows for a focused beam to reach even miles away depending on the gain and line-of-sight.

Grid antennas are also good because they weigh less than parabolic dish antennas, making shipping and installing much easier. 

HyperLink Brand Grid Antenna
HyperLink Brand Grid Antenna

Finally, because wind can pass through the grids, grid antennas are much more resistant to the elements when installed outside.

L-com's HyperLink brand antennas are high-quality designs and many models are available in five-packs for lower per-antenna pricing. 

All of our grid antennas also come with the "tilt and swivel" design, which allows for precise aiming.
tilt and swivel design

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Please watch our video:
How to Assemble and Install a HyperLink Brand Grid Antenna and give us feedback!

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Video: How to Assemble and Install a HyperLink Brand Grid Antenna

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