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Connector Covers: Protect Your Ports! - Vol. 8 No. 16
(Tuesday, August 19, 2008)
L-com Connectivity ProductsConnector Covers: Protect Your Ports!
Find Out How You Can Get A Free Gift! Volume 8, Number 16

Connector Covers: Protect Your Ports!

Connector covers -- also referred to as caps or plugs -- can be necessary and often overlooked items. Covers are good components to have on hand to protect unused ports on valuable equipment. Why risk expensive electronic equipment when an inexpensive cover can prevent damage?

Applications include protection from:

  • Damage during shipping, packaging and handling
  • Harmful dust entering equipment through open ports
  • Damage from water/moisture

Connector covers can be shielded to maintain a system's EMI integrity or non-shielded when EMI is not an issue. They are available in a variety of attachment methods:

Friction fit: Inserted into or around the protected connector.

USB Protective Cover for Type A Jacks
USB Protective Cover
for Type A Jacks
RJ45 Protective Covers for Jacks
RJ45 Protective Covers
for Jacks

Assembled fit: Usually secured to a mating connector using screws.

Shielded D-Sub Cover for DB9F/HD15F
Shielded D-Sub Cover
for DB9F/HD15F

IEEE-488 Connector Cover
IEEE-488 Connector Cover,
Mates Female GPIB Connectors

Threaded fit: Threaded onto a mating connector similar to the cover on a jar of peanut butter.

USB Waterproof Cover
USB Cover, Waterproof

IP67 Jack Cover for Female Receptacles with Tether
IP67 Jack Cover
for Female Receptacles
with Tether

Some covers are IP (Ingress Protection) rated. In order for a cover to be IP rated it must pass stringent testing. IP protected covers are normally used with IP rated connector systems.

Click here to see a tip explaining IP ratings

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