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802.11ax Offers Blazing Fast Wi-Fi Connectivity
(Tuesday, June 02, 2015)
802.11ac is truly groundbreaking with its 1 Gbps speeds and MU-MIMO capabilities but now work has begun on developing 802.11ax, the next iteration in high performance Wi-Fi.

IEEE 802.11ax is the successor to 802.11ac and will offer 4x the throughput of 802.11ac. 802.11ax is still in its infancy stages with a projected release date of sometime in 2019 (pre-standard products are expected to hit the market in 2016).

In a recent lab-based trial of technology similar to 802.11ax, Huawei recently hit a max speed of 10.53Gbps, or around 1.4 gigabytes of data transfer per second.

802.11ax is going to be fast!

802.11ax operates in the 5GHz band, where there is plenty of space for 80MHz and 160MHz channels. Also 802.11ax will utilize MIMO-OFDA or multiple-input-multiple-output with orthogonal frequency division multiple access. OFDA is based on existing OFDM implementations, which encode data on multiple subcarrier frequencies. OFDA adds a new benefit by assigning subsets within those subcarrier frequencies to ultimately create a bigger "pipe" delivering large volumes of data to individual end devices/clients.

As 802.11ax operates exclusively on the 5 GHz frequency band, L-com is poised to offer a host of connectivity solutions including 5 GHz antennas, RF amplifiers, RF filters, RF splitters, surge protectors and more to address 802.11ax network installations!

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