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How To Terminate A Keystone Category 5E/6 RJ45 Tool-Less EIA568A/B Jack

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Gather your materials – L-com's Keystone Category 5E RJ45 Tool-Less EIA568A/B Jack or Category 6 RJ45 Tool-Less EIA568A/B Jack (jack contains the jack itself, the wire guide and a zip tie), the cable to be terminated (solid conductor cable is recommended), an appropriate cable stripper, a tool to cut the cable (if necessary) and wire cutters.  

Strip cable jacket one inch from end
Step 1 – Strip cable jacket one inch from end

OK. Strip cable jacket approximately one inch from the cut end. Just give the cable a couple of twists with the cable strip tool and you’re good. In this case, you would separate the wires to expose the wire guide which you don’t need. This will get snipped.

Separate wire pairs
Step 2 – Separate wire pairs
Now you want to separate the wire pairs. This will take a little time, but it will be necessary for the next two steps.

Pull wire pairs through hole in jack
Step 3 – Pull wire pairs through hole in jack
OK. Now you want to pull the wire pairs through the hole in the tool-less jack's wire guide.

Snap wires into slots by matching guide
Step 4 – Snap wires into slots by matching guide
Using the wire guide's colored print, snap each wire into the slot by matching its insulation color to that of the guide (remember--the guide gives the options for both TIA/EIA568 A and B so use whichever is appropriate). Be sure each wire snaps in two places on the guide. This ensures wires will not overlap and protrude from the guide. It is possible to wire the jack differently than it is labeled but that is left to the user's discretion and application.

Open gate and push connector into jack
Step 5 – Open gate and push connector into jack
Place the jack face down on a flat surface such as a strong table. Open the gate on the back of the jack. Place the wire guide onto the jack, matching up the guide by number and color, and press firmly. Press until you feel the connector catch. A great feature about this guide is that it acts like an IDC termination tool. Once terminated, the wires will be difficult to remove without force. This is intentional to maintain a strong connection.

Snip excess cable from jack
Step 6 – Snip excess cable from jack
Once the conductors are firmly terminated, snip any excess wire sticking out of the top and bottom of the jack. This will allow the housing to close securely and keep the wires from coming in contact with anything else.

Close gate on jack
Step 7 – Close gate on jack
Close the gate on the jack around the guide and cable. We're almost done.

Wrap zip tie around wire gate and trim
Step 8 – Wrap zip tie around wire gate and trim
If necessary you can wrap a zip tie around the circular section of the gate and tighten. Now snip the excess tie and you're done! This will close the gate permanently.

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