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L-com is committed to protecting the environment

L-com remains committed to protecting the environment

L-com Environmental Management Program

Being environmentally responsible ensures more resources and a better world for all of us. We are constantly improving our products, packaging, and work environment to be more green. Our goal is to raise awareness and leave behind a legacy our employees can be proud of.

Here is a list of some of our accomplishments:

  • We replaced packing peanuts with an exclusive recycled air pillow system to protect our products during shipment
  • We use a recycled paper packing material system for some of our products
  • We removed lead solder from our production floors
  • We shred cardboard boxes and recycle them into packing material
  • We recycle as much waste as possible in all of our USA and China locations
  • A number of our products use environmentally friendly no-clean flux in our manufacturing process that reduces or eliminates secondary cleaning solvents
  • We use a sophisticated, state of the art Inov-X 6000 Alpha Series Analyzer (below), using X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) Spectrometry to test all of our products and material used in production for the five RoHS elements: Pb (lead), Cd, Cr, Hg, Br
  • We installed an energy efficient heat exchanger air flow system to cool the growing server farm and IT rooms
  • CRTs throughout the company have been replaced with energy efficient flat screens
  • We send all used printer cartridges to a recycling center
  • We have replaced fluorescent bulbs with incandescent, and are looking at replacing many incandescent bulbs with LED lighting in the future
  • We invest substantially in environmentally friendly HVAC systems
  • We have paper recycle bins in every department
  • We recycle bottles and cans in our breakroom
  • We promote the latest in cable technologies including fiber optics, high-speed USB 3.0, HDMI®, and wireless equipment. Improved data throughput can result in time and energy efficiencies for your projects
  • We research and market the latest in cable construction technologies such as Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) cables. LSZH cables, if involved in a building fire, release fewer toxic gasses into the environment

L-com's New RoHS Material Analyzer
One of L-com's commitments to protecting the environment
was investing in a RoHS and WEEE analyzer.

Here are some steps you can take to help protect the environment:

Switch to fiber optic cabling

Fiber optic networking is considered "green" technology if installed correctly:

  1. Fiber can be run longer distances and, as a result, if used to run directly from a central closet to the desktop, there is no need for intermediate closets for runs that exceed the copper limitations. Fewer networking closets (only one is needed) means less wasted building space and lower energy costs (no additional HVAC for extra network closets). Fiber can be transitioned from one type (distribution style) to another using simple wall or ceiling boxes
  2. It takes less power to transmit light over fiber than it does for electricity over copper. This means less energy usage
  3. Copper mining is destructive to the environment. Strip mining is common for copper. Fiber does not require this
  4. Fiber weighs less than copper. This means the freight costs for larger projects is lower. Shipping less weight means lower fuel usage as a result
Update your copper cables to improve efficiency

In some cases, copper is still advantageous over fiber optic for network transmission. But you can still improve your efficiency by using high-quality cables:

  1. High quality cables result in fewer re-transmissions of data. Although a small impact, this means that it takes less power to get a signal to the destination because the signal gets there correctly the first time
  2. Low quality cables can often have higher attenuation levels than high quality cables. This means that the energy utilization is improved
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