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Fiber Optic Connector Types: ST, SC, FC, MT-RJ and LC Styles

There are several types of fiber optic connectors available today. The most common are: ST, SC, FC, MT-RJ and LC style connectors.

All of these types of connectors can be used with either multimode or single mode fiber.

There are three types of polishes which can be applied to a fiber connector: PC or Physical contact, UPC or Ultra Physical contact and APC or Angled Physical contact.

Each polish type exhibits a different level of back reflection. Back reflection is a measure of the light reflected off the end of a fiber connector. This light is measured in decibals.

For certain applications, the amount of back reflection on a fiber connector is critical.

FIber Optic Tutorial
View a Fiber Optic Tutorial explaining terms, optical transmission and commonly used fiber optic connectors.

Selecting the Right Type of Fiber Optic Cable
View a Fiber Optic Tutorial explaining how to select the right type of Fiber Optic cable, bandwidth and application differences between copper and fiber optic cabling, and polish types and typical back reflection.

Complete Line of Fiber Optic Products
View L-com’s complete offering of Fiber Optic cables, adapters and more.

Custom/OEM Fiber Optic Cables
L-com can custom manufacture fiber optic cables
to allow for different connector types so be sure to speak with an account representative for more information.

Need help finding the exact fiber optic cable you need? Try our Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies Product Wizard.

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