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How To Panel Mount D-Subminiature Adapters (Video)


Tools / Products used in this video tip

DGB15FSlimline Gender Changer, DB15 Female / Female
SDG450XS4-40 Jack Screw Kit, .45 inch Thread, .232 inch Screwlock, Pkg/50
SDHS4-40 Hex Standoffs, .195 inch Hex, Pkg/50
PR35DS1516B3.50" x 19" Panel, 16 DB15 Cutouts

Step 1
Remove the standard hardware from the adaptor using two hex nut drivers. The hardware is designed to attach to other D-Sub adapters. L-com jackscrew SDG450XS and hex nut SDHS are required to compensate for the added thickness of a panel or enclosure and are sold separately in packages of 50 pieces.

Step 2
After removing the hardware from one end of the adapter, simply do the same for the other end.

Step 3
Once the hardware has been removed, mount the adapter from the rear of the panel.

Step 4
Using the hex nut driver, secure the adapter with the jackscrews applied to the front of the panel.

Step 5
Now flip the panel over and thread the hex nuts onto the exposed threads of the jackscrews to secure the adapter to the panel.

The recommended panel thickness is .062 inches. Dimensions in excess of this thickness can limit proper cable mating due to hex nut protrusion. If your panel exceeds .062 inches, it can be milled down to the recommended panel thickness in the area around the adapter.

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