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White Papers

Our in-depth and white papers explain common wired and wireless connectivity topics. White papers are in PDF format.

Wired Connectivity/Networking White Papers
Cabling Requirements for Harsh EnvironmentsThis white paper will explain the difference between traditional commercial, controlled environments and harsh, industrial environments as well as the type of cabling and interconnectivity products to specify when designing networks for the latter.
Layer 3 Routing at the Network EdgeThis white paper covers where and when to employ Layer 3 routing at the edge of a network. This paper also provides definitions and applications for several widely used routing protocols including RIP, DVMRP, PIM and OSPF.
Building an Ethernet Network

This white paper will cover a brief history of computer networking as well as the basics of how to set up an Ethernet Network. Other items covered include both wired and wireless network implementations as well as premise wiring components.

Power-Over-Ethernet (PoE)

This White Paper provides an overview of Power Over Ethernet (PoE) and details the PoE variations that are used in today’s Ethernet networks.

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Wireless Networking White Papers
Industrial Wireless Mesh Network ArchitecturesThis white paper describes some differences between traditional enterprise networks and industrial networks and provides examples of some of the more popular wireless industrial networking technologies being deployed today.
Antenna Installation Considerations

This white paper outlines specific installation considerations when installing a WiFi antenna including Fresnel Zones, LOS, reflection, multipath etc.

Wireless LAN SecurityThis white paper covers the Ten Easy Steps to Wireless LAN Security. Topics include VPN’s, WEP, and using ACL’s for secure wireless computing.

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Industrial Ethernet/Industrial Networking White Papers
Industrial EthernetThis white paper covers what is an Industrial Ethernet Network and what the advantages are to implementing one.
Networking Interoperability to Industrial/Process and Ethernet/IP EnvironmentsThis paper includes information on Layer 2 and  3 interoperability issues when deploying Ethernet/ IP as well as when to implement a hub versus a switch.
IEEE-1588 Precise Time Protocol

This paper the IEEE-1588 Precision Time Protocol as the basis for real time applications in an automation network. Using IEEE1588, it is possible for the first time to synchronize, in the sub-microsecond range, the local clocks in sensors, actuators, and other terminal devices using the same Ethernet network that also transports the process data.

Industrial Network Ring Architectures

This white paper examines the redundancy process found in Hirschmann Ethernet switches versus IEEE 802.1w RSTP. The paper features test results of real time fail over analysis when comparing the two protocols, RSTP and HiPER Ring.

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