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Wind Farm Network Application

This diagram is representational only and depicts a typical wind farm network application. The diagram encompasses Ethernet, RS-232, RS-485 and WiFi connectivity to provide an end to end wind energy networking solution.

Print and post this Windfarm Network Application diagram by downloading a pdf here.

Windfarm Network Application

Products referenced in this application

Note: The products referenced below coincide with the typical application diagram. Actual products for your specific application may vary.

  IES-2210-M2                   Industrial Ethernet Switch  

EW-24VDC-30                 24V DC Power Supply
TRD855SCRBL              Shielded Cat5e Ethernet Cable
CS2N9MM                        Premium Double Shielded D-Sub Cable

SC-232-E                         RS232 to RS422/485 Interface Converter

 HA2401G-1000                2.4 GHz WiFi Amplifier

  AL6-NFNFBW-9             Coaxial Surge Protector
CA3N0XX                          400 Series Low Loss Coax Cable
HG2412SY-NF                 2.4 GHz 12dBi Yagi Antenna
FOB500B12-M                 Bulk 12 count 50/125 Fiber Cable
FOC-9505041                 50/125 SC Fiber Connector
TKT-UNICAM                   Corning Unicam Fiber Termination Kit

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