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Campground Wireless Network

This diagram is representational only and depicts a typical campground WiFi application. Each wireless installation is unique and results can vary due to many different environmental factors. For outdoor wireless networks Line of Sight (LOS) must be considered. Basically that means you will need a clear unobstructed view of the antenna from the remote point in the link. Trees and leaves are obstructions to 802.11 frequencies so they will partially or entirely block the signal.

Print and post this Campground Wireless Network diagram by downloading a pdf here.


Campground Wireless Network diagram

Products referenced in this application

Note: The products referenced below coincide with the typical application diagram. Actual products for your specific application may vary.


 AmplifierHAKIT-RTGXU-1000       2.4 GHz 1 Watt Outdoor WiFi Amplifier Kit  

CA4RTPRTP                  400  Series Low Loss RF Cable 

HG2408U-RTJ               2.4 GHz 8 dBi Omni Antenna  

AL-RTPRTJB-9              0-3 GHz 90 V Coaxial Surge Protector 

AXA-RTJRTJ                     RP-TNC Jack to RP-TNC Jack Adapter

WLAN-LCCPE28-1          802.11n Outdoor Access Point   

HG2415U-PRO             2.4 GHz 15 dBi Omni Antenna  

NB181608-10V           Vented NEMA Enclosure with 120V AC Power

TOAC5700                  Cat 5e Outdoor Rated, UV Resistant, Bulk Cable 1K Foot Reel

TSP4088C5                 Cat 5e 8x8 Unshielded RJ45 Plug  

HT1500                      Heavy Duty Cable Stripper/Crimp Tool


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