The Anatomy of a Spiral Strip Coax Cable

November 14, 2019 at 8:00 AM


Thinking about using spiral strip coax cables in your application? Not really sure what they are or if you need them? Lucky for you, class is in session and this week’s lesson is:The Anatomy of a Spiral Strip Coax Cable. Read on to be enlightened.


Spiral strip coax cable assemblies are a rugged and versatile flexible cabling option that offers flexibility without compromising performance. They deliver performance characteristics very similar to semi-rigid coax, making them a perfect alternative to semi-rigid cables. The unique shielding structure provides a low attenuation, cost effective option compared to semi-rigid cables. Also, the use of a strip/round braid shield results in low transfer impedance levels.


Spiral strip coax cables feature a solid center conductor, PTFE dielectric and a silver-plated copper braid outer shield over a silver-plated copper spiral strip inner shield. This multi-layer shield construction provides excellent insertion and shielding performance while providing increased flexibility.


Spiral strip cables are ideal when you’re working with RF test, lab and automated test equipment applications that need coaxial cables with exceptional shielding performance, flexibility and frequency support up to 18 GHz.


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