Goodbye SSID, Hello Wi-Fi Passpoint

June 8, 2017 at 8:00 AM


Say goodbye to needing that unrecognizable, seemingly endless, 32-digit SSID number needed to sign-in to a Wi-Fi network – and say hello to Wi-Fi Passpoint. Launched in 2012, Wi-Fi Passpoint, also known as Hotspot 2.0, streamlines the process of conencting mobile devices to Wi-Fi hotspots by eliminating the need for users to search for and authenticate a network or enter credentials each time they connect. Passpoint automates the process under secure conditions for a seamless way to connect to Wi-Fi neworks.


Developed by the Wi-Fi Alliance, Passpoint is an ugrade to W-Fi service at no charge to the user. Just like a network of cell phone towers passes your phone’s signal from one tower to the other when you’re driving down the highway, Passpoint allows your mobile device’s signal to jump from one Wi-Fi hotspot to the next. Normally, you would have to sign in to each hotspot to connect, but with Passpoint, after you’ve signed in once, your credentials are passed along to each hotspot supported by the network. These networks can stretch throughout an entire town or even between towns.


Thus far, Passpoint has largely been marketed to wireless providers to increase Wi-Fi uptake. As rollout continues, this new technology will allow people to remain completely connected via a Wi-Fi provider instead of using wireless plan data. Plus, recent improvements make it even easier for the user with a registration process that is  more efficient and secure.  Most newer smartphones and tablets support Passpoint technology, it just needs to be turned on, which may require changing the device’s settings.


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