Technological Oddities

October 20, 2016 at 8:00 AM


Ideas for new technology never cease to amaze.  There is no shortage of outlandish gizmos and gadgets being developed.  The next time you think you have a crazy idea, just remember that there’s probably something even crazier out there. Here, we’ll highlight some of the more quirky ideas we’ve seen.



Frying eggs on a laptop. -We’ve all felt the scorching heat from a laptop burning the tops of our thighs. But who knew a laptop could actually get hot enough to cook an egg? Though not recommended, this can apparently also be done inside a motherboard.



LED eyelashes - For those who want to make a fashion statement, or when you can’t find your flashlight. These motion sensor lashes turn on and off by tilting your head. 




Prototypes have been made of contact lenses with Micro-LEDs in them. These redefine screen time by providing the wearer with the same view they might have if they were looking at a computer screen.




Cat door that uses facial recognition technology - The latch only opens once it’s confirmed that there’s nothing in Fluffy’s mouth. No more gifts of dead mice at your feet!




Last but certainly not least – the prosthetic finger USB drive. A man lost his ring finger in an accident and replaced it with a USB drive. It’s accessed by peeling back the “fingernail” to expose the USB slot – he’ll never lose his drive again.




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