Simplifying Your Life - Wireless Calculators

January 28, 2016 at 8:00 AM


Confused by conversions? Overwhelmed by Power Budget? Frazzled by the Fresnel Zone?


Site planning for a wireless network installation can be a daunting task.  There are multiple variables to consider and you must have a good understanding of the equipment required.


Lucky for you, we just simplified your life by adding a few more tools to your tool belt. L-com’s wireless calculators take the guess work out of planning a wireless network and make installation much easier. We offer five wireless calculators to help you, no matter what site planning challenges you’re facing. 


Power Budget Wireless Calculator

  • ·    Use this wireless calculator to determine your Power Budget
  • ·    The Power Budget is the total power being output from the wireless system in dBm

Free-Space Loss Wireless Calculator

  • ·    Free-space Loss is the loss of power over distance (assuming there is no Fresnel Effect and nothing in the way)
  • ·    This will give you a reasonable approximation of the actual loss over distance

Fresnel Zones Wireless Calculator

  • ·    Determine how high your antenna should be or how much more than Line-of-Sight (LOS)
  • ·     This calculator defines how much clearance you need and for longer links, greater than 3 Km or 2 miles, whether you may have a ground clearance problem

System Performance Wireless Calculator

  • ·    Can be used determine 3 different calculations:
    •   - Operating Margin
    •   - Maximum distance of margin operation
    •   - Required antenna power

Power Conversion Wireless Calculator

  • ·  Converts milliWatts to dBm and vice versa
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