10 Epic Cabling Fails

January 21, 2016 at 8:00 AM


Anyone who’s set up a data center, or organized their home television cabinet, can understand how multiple cables can quickly become overwhelming.  Sometimes these wound and wrapped masses of wire can all but envelop you.  Even the most organized professionals sometimes let the cables in their server racks get out of control.


Here, we present you with the humor, and horror, of some epic cabling fails.


Who’s winning here: man or cables?


Found on cerebralrunoff.files.wordpress.com


Bringing new meaning to hanging from the rafters.

Found on flickeflu.com


Break down in the break room.

Found on flickr.com


 Wires + Water = This just got interesting.

Found on nerdnirvana.org


Welcome to the jungle.

Found on blod.dotcom-monitor.com


Fashion Don’t?


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Hot Mess

Found on Pintrest


Multi-purpose room

 Found on dotcom-monitor.com


Where to begin?

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No cable, No cry

 Found on globalnerdy.com


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