There’d Be No Cloud without Cables

November 19, 2015 at 8:00 AM


The Cloud is a buzzword that has become common in everyday language. Companies and service providers use cloud computing and offer its data storage capabilities to the public for free or for a fee when large amounts of data need to be stored.


So what is the cloud? The cloud is not a mythical place floating in the sky to where your home videos and pictures drift. The cloud is a massive physical infrastructure of servers, computers, cables, routers and switches.  It is your IT closet on steroids. And there would be no cloud without cables.


When you store something in the cloud, it is in a very physical place.  Thousands of servers are linked together with cables, switches, connectors and patch panels. Collectively, they are an intricately composed orchestra providing virtual desktops, data storage, security, global data access and more.



Cloud computing utilizes Internet networks rather than depending on local RAM or hard drive space.  These large, complex and powerful servers are responsible for providing the masses with uninterrupted and unlimited access to files and software via the internet. Thus, the physical pieces that compose the cloud must to be able to process enormous amounts of data at extremely high speeds.


The cloud is only as good as the sum of its parts because without cables and other critical connectivity components, the capabilities of the cloud would be up in the air.


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