Embedded Antennas Connecting our World

October 22, 2015 at 8:00 AM


Imagine a world where machines communicate without human involvement. Now take that a step further and picture a world that is fully automated. With the development of the Internet of Things (IoT), this world could become a reality.


The IoT is a network of physical objects embedded with technology that will offer advanced connectivity and a seamless exchange of data with little or no human interaction. 


How is all of this going to be possible? With the adoption of the IoT comes the development of advanced mobility technologies and the integration of embedded antenna technology. 


Embedded antennas are small, yet powerful with multiband systems used for mobile voice, video and data applications.


Embedded antennas’ key performance attributes include high efficiency, low power consumption, low return loss and isolation.


High efficiency brings better signal reception, which improves the system’s ability for faster data transfer rates. Reduced power consumption allows for increased mobility. Less return loss means more power transmitted, and isolation limits the amount of crosstalk interference.


Embedded antennas can work with high-frequency or low-frequency systems, some feature MIMO technology and smart antennas have been introduced that feature embedded GPS and Flash memory capabilities.


IoT is expected to exceed machine-to-machine communications and usher in global automation that will encompass both personal and business applications.  It is also expected to produce large amounts of data to be collected at extremely high speeds. With all of these things connecting to one another, embedded antennas will play a key role in the future of IoT applications.




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