6 Facts You Need to Know About 802.11ac Wave 2

July 23, 2015 at 10:00 AM

The next surge of 802.11 technology is upon us with the launch of 802.11ac Wave 2.  This latest version of the 802.11 standard addresses challenges facing the Wi-Fi industry by building upon 802.11ac Wave 1 with significant enhancements including higher speeds, faster connections and greater overall performance.  


 Here are 6 facts you should know about 802.11ac Wave 2:


1Super Speed

802.11ac Wave 2 promises more speed, which is always a benefit for Wi-Fi users.  The wireless velocities of Wave 2 will be more than twice as fast as Wave 1, 7.8 Gbps vs. 3.47 Gbps. This means faster video and voice streaming and smoother sailing for the ever-increasing number of Wi-Fi devices.


2. Multi-user multiple input, multiple output (MU-MIMO)

This groundbreaking technology being introduced with 802.11ac Wave 2 allows simultaneous communication for multiple user devices with less congestion and easier access to a faster network.


3. Optional use of 160-MHz-wide channels  

Lightning fast delivery of large files means 802.11ac Wave 2 will give you faster access to what you need, when you need it.


4. Fourth spatial stream

802.11ac Wave 2 can support four transmitting and receiving antennas compared to previous versions that were only able to support three receiving antennas. More antennas equal greater distance and greater performance.


5. Additional 5GHz channels

Worldwide, there are approximately 37 channels in the 5GHz frequency, some of which have not been allowed for Wi-Fi use.  As limitations change, 802.11 Wave 2 will be able to access more of those channels. This will provide greater bandwidth, less interference and support more devices and applications.


6. Backward compatibility

802.11ac Wave 2 is a superset of 802.11ac Wave 1, so it supports all data rates of Wave 1 and is backward compatible with previous 802.11 standards including 802.11n.


802.11ac Wave 2 is equipped to handle the next generation of mobile devices and the massive influx of those devices accessing Wi-Fi networks. As 802.11ac Wave 2 surges forward, L-com will have all the details and products you need to catch the wave.


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