How MIMO Can Help You

June 4, 2015 at 10:00 AM


What's better than one antenna transmitting your wireless data?....Multiple antennas!


MIMO (Multiple–Input Multiple-Output) wireless systems reach blistering speeds with two or more antennas built into a single Wi-Fi router, transmitting multiple wireless data streams simultaneously. A breakthrough in communication system design, MIMO uses multipath propagation to send and receive more than one data signal on the same channel at the same time. With MIMO technology, each data stream is broken down into several separate data streams and sent out over multiple antennas, allowing the receiving antenna to choose the strongest stream, all of which improves wireless performance.


How does this help you? With MIMO your wireless speed doubles! By aggressively transmitting and receiving data, MIMO Wi-Fi systems increase network bandwidth, range and reliability while using the same network protocols and signal ranges as non-MIMO routers. Within a MIMO antenna, multiple antennas on the transmitter and receiver side amplify data throughput and range compared to a single antenna. Using multiple receivers also allows for greater distances between devices. And the IEEE 802.11n wireless standard uses MIMO to boost speeds to 100 Mbps and more.


With its increased capacity and improved quality, a MIMO wireless antenna can help you in the quest for enhanced capacity and improved quality of your Wi-Fi. 


L-com stocks MIMO antennas in the following frequencies 2.4 GHz2.4/5.8 GHz3.5 GHz4.9/5.8 GHz5.1/5.8 GHz.


We also offer MIMO antennas in several different antenna form factors including:


  Ceiling Mount MIMO antennas  

   Omni directional MIMO Antennas  


Panel MIMO Antennas

Sector MIMO Antennas



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