Industrial Ethernet Networks: What you need to know

April 9, 2015 at 10:00 AM


Do you know how Industrial Ethernet networks differ from commercial Ethernet networks?


Are you well-versed in the benefits of VLANs, Rapid Spanning Tree and SNMP network management?


If you answered no to these questions, or want to test your knowledge, we've got the white paper for you!


Our Industrial Ethernet white paper explores the benefits and advantages of Industrial Ethernet, and explains how Industrial Ethernet has evolved into a wide-spread technology that is implemented all over the world.


With the application of Ethernet standards, industrial networks have become more secure, easier to manage, highly scalable and more robust. Whether you are considering utilizing an Industrial Ethernet network, or already have one installed, our white paper will provide you with the know-how to ensure that your network is up to speed.


Topics include:


·         Industrial Networks vs. Commercial Networks

·         Redundancy & Availability

·         Network Management

·         Security

·         Scalability

·         Integration with Legacy Systems/Networks


Here’s an excerpt:


Further Developments in Ethernet

 As switched Ethernet evolved more need was seen for further segmenting of the network to improve performance. The introduction of IEEE 802.1Q Virtual LANs or VLANs made it possible to define logical groups of users who would only receive packets from other users in that VLAN group which meant greater utilization of network bandwidth and added efficiency. VLANs also added a new layer of security since different VLANs could not communicate between each other without the use of a Layer 3 router which could be programmed with specific access rules defined by a network administrator.  ....(read more)



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