12 Awesome Fiber Displays to Light Up Your Day

July 3, 2014 at 10:00 AM


Have you read our recent post where we found 10 of the worst cabling nightmares


Well if you didn’t have an incentive already, it was a hit on both our blog and Facebook (LIKE us if you haven’t yet!), so we decided it was time to do another photo post.


This time, we scoured the internet to find some of the coolest ways people are using fiber optic cabling.


As you might already know, L-com is a manufacturer and supplier of fiber optic cable for networking and communications applications, but there also exists a different type of “decorative” fiber. This fiber cable is mostly used for hobbies, photon-art and such. 


Some of you might work with fiber cables every day. Others, not so much. You’ll be surprised at all the eye-catching fiber optic displays out there.


We hope you enjoy, and perhaps this will spark an ingenious project or a new design for you!


Let’s start with a Fiber Optic Canopy


 Source: http://www.fiberopticlighting.com/view-project.php?project=crocodillos-bar






May the force be with you!


Source: http://www.antsonamelon.com/smartlist_43/light-sabers/light-sabers






Ladies, put on your best dress


Source: http://www.instructables.com/id/Fiber-Optic-Dress/






Capture it all with a TTL ring camera flash


Source:  http://www.dyxum.com/dforum/diy-fiber-optic-ttl-ring-flash_topic46637.html






Techie chandelier, anyone?


Source: http://trinorthlighting.com/Store/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=1207&gclid=






Shoot for the stars


Source: http://www.fiberopticstech.com/products/StarryNight.php




We’re cooler than the neighbors


Source: http://www.homelightingmuse.com/starry-night-fiber-optic-patio/499









Source: http://www.visionaryinstruments.com/products/custom-guitars/







Fancy fabric display


Source: http://www.archello.com/en/product/luminous-fiber-optics-fabric#




Living the dream.


Source: http://www.dudeiwantthat.com/household/decor/





Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree

Source: http://fantasychristmaslights.ie/christmas-trees-ireland/







And our favorite: Fiber-Optic Light Spray Set


Source: http://www.snoezeleninfo.com/lightSprayFiber.asp



Have another awesome fiber display example? Share it with us! 


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