Hot off the Presses - L-com’s 2018 Master Catalog

January 25, 2018 at 8:00 AM


The big reveal is here and we’re ready to share our 2018 Wired & Wireless Product Guide full of thousands of products including many new and best-selling items. Long regarded as a valuable resource for technicians, engineers and educators, L-com’s master catalog is packed with tips, tutorials, full-color product images and more, making it an excellent reference guide and educational tool.


Here are some of the new products featured this year:

·       M12 Ethernet Cabling for Harsh Environments

·       Continuous Flex Industrial Cables

·       HDMI High Flex Cables

·       Outdoor-Rated Ethernet Assemblies

·       Premium Panel Mounted Mini Coupler Kits

·       IP68-Rated Ruggedized LC Plugs and Receptacles

·       USB 3.1 Adapters

·       Category-Rated IP67 Bulkhead Shielded Panel Mount Couplers with Dust Cap

·       Heated 14x12x6 Enclosures


Getting a copy of our Wired & Wireless Product Guide is easy, simply fill out our online product guide request form and we will mail it to you straight away. You can also view this year’s catalog as a flip book or download pages from the product guide as PDFs.


Solutions for Every Industry

October 15, 2015 at 8:00 AM


At L-com, we strive to solve problems for our customers. Our diverse product portfolio can be used across numerous industries and in countless applications. Here is an inside look at how our wired and wireless products are used in health care, education and energy industry applications.




L-com works with leading medical device manufacturers around the world to develop cutting-edge solutions for saving lives. Our off-the-shelf and custom-designed connectivity products are used in products ranging from portable defibrillators to operating room diagnostics equipment.


We also offer wired and wireless products for in-building communications networks for hospitals and other medical facilities, as well as wireless systems for medical campus networks. Our antennas, access points and RF amplifiers provide seamless cellular and WiFi coverage to keep hospitals running and allow critical patient information to be shared between buildings. If a wireless network is not an option, no worries, L-com can supply all of the products necessary to build a wired network.  Read more.




L-com helps educational institutions grow great minds and reduce operating costs with our wired and wireless communications solutions. From K-12 to institutions of higher learning, our end-to-end connectivity solutions provide high-speed, fault tolerant access to the critical resources today’s students need to succeed. Similar to health care applications, our cables, antennas, amplifiers and converters are used to build wired and wireless in-building and campus networks. Read more.





L-com’s rugged connectivity products are designed for use in land-based and maritime industrial applications. Our wired and wireless industrial communications products are used in offshore oil platforms, petroleum refineries, natural gas pipelines and renewable energy networks.  Critical systems that control pumps, valves, motors and safety devices rely on rugged, highly available connectivity products to ensure worker safety and maximize energy output. Read more.



These are just a few examples of how L-com’s products are used across a variety of industries. To see all of our industry overviews, click here.


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