Surge Protectors: Your Best Investment In Protecting Your Wireless Network

November 29, 2013 at 8:39 AM


A single bolt of lightning carrying up to 100 million volts of electricity has the power to rip through roofs, explode brick walls and destroy electronic networking/communications equipment! Don't be fooled into a false sense of security if you never receive direct strikes. Indirect lightning strikes on telephone and power lines can be just as catastrophic! Protect your valuable communications equipment with L-com's HyperLink® brand coaxial surge protectors.


Lightning Strike

A common question our customers often ask is, "Where is the best place to put coax surge protectors in my wireless network?" The examples below outline some recommended areas to use coax surge protectors to protect your valuable communications equipment.


  • - At the base of your wireless antennas (for integral connector models)
  • - At the connector end of the antenna pigtail (for pigtail antennas)
  • - At the ingress of a NEMA Enclosure
  • - Between any cable end connected to active equipment such as access points and RF amplifiers

*Always remember to ground the protector to EARTH ground via 8 or 10 gauge copper wire*


L-com's HyperLink® coaxial lightning arrestor and surge protector products are available in two types,Quarter Wave and Gas Discharge models.


Quarter Wave coaxial surge protectors are designed to pass the desired frequency while suppressing lightning surges, much like a signal filter. Lightning strike electrical surges which operate at low frequencies are diverted through the protector's short-circuit to the ground.


Gas Discharge coaxial protectors are a type of lightning arrestor which employs a replaceable gas discharge tube, which is a component containing a small amount of gas. The gas tube dumps extremely high amounts of surge energy directly to the ground of the protector. HyperLink® coaxial lightning arrestors are available for 0-3 GHz operation or 0-6 GHz operation.


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