Comparing HD CCTV Technologies

March 29, 2018 at 8:00 AM


There are four primary HD-over-coax technologies: Analog High Definition (AHD), High Definition Composite Video Interface (HD-CVI), High Definition Serial Digital Interface (HD-SDI), and High Definition Transport Video Interface (HD-TVI).


AHD technology was originally developed by Nextchip, a Korean design firm that makes chipsets for the video security market. It supports data transmission over both coax and unshielded twisted pair (UTP) over a maximum distance of 500 meters through the use of equalizers.


AHD can transmit uncompressed real-time images at 30 frames per second (fps) over long distances using advanced compression algorithms and signal filtering.


AHD does not support PTZ cameras, menu controls, and remote focus/zoom lens control, making it arguably less desirable than other options.


HD-SDI: Serial digital interface (SDI) was first standardized by the society of motion picture and television engineers (SMPTE) in 1989. The high definition version was released in 2010 as SMPTE 292M, where the 720P resolution is defined by SMPTE 296M and the 1080P resolution is specified in SMPTE 274M. The original bit rate for standard definition SDI was around 300 Mbps while HD-SDI is around 1.5 Gbps.


With chipsets from a number of major manufacturers including Semtech, Intersil and Texas Instruments, HD-SDI has a high degree of vendor diversity. Similar to many HD-over-coax technologies, the transmitter receives video data from the CMOS sensor as well as audio data and serializes it into an SDI format. Different forms of compression algorithms can be used along with equalizers in order to achieve longer cable reaches.


HD-CVI: Originally developed by Dahua Technology, HD-CVI can accomplish up to 500-meter transmission distances and 1080P resolution. The technology supports up to 960H analog cameras for standard definition as well as 1080P HD-SDI cameras for a wide range of compatibility. HD-CVI also has bidirectional control signals and is able to transmit both video/audio and camera control over one coaxial line. This technology is significantly more cost-effective than HD-SDI but was proprietary and only sold by Dahua until recently.


HD-TVI is an open technology developed by Techpoint, a semiconductor company. The HD-TVI 2.0 technical specification was released in 2014 and was quickly adopted by tier one video surveillance manufacturers, such as Hikvision, AVTech, IDIS, TVT and others.


The primary benefit of this technology over HD-SDI is associated with the ability to transmit over 500 meters with uncompressed HD video using cost-effective UTP coax. There is also bidirectional transmission of the control signals, allowing for more camera control flexibility.


HD-TVI and HD-CVI are similar in cost and quality of image. The main difference between the two is that HD-TVI is an open source technology open to third party vendors; while Dahua was the sole manufacturer of HD-CVI digital signal processing (DSP) chips for a few years. However, Dahua has now released the technology to select manufacturers.


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October 29, 2015 at 8:00 AM


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