Our Best-Selling Product of 2017

January 4, 2018 at 8:00 AM


To start off this year, we would like to take a moment to present the award for the best-selling product of 2017.  With so many high-performing, quality products in the running, the competition was fierce. But after all the votes (sales) were tallied, there was one clear winner.


And the winner is……(drumroll).…. the ECF504-SC5E coupler!


If you’re not familiar with this year’s best-selling product, here is what you’ve been missing:


The ECF504-SC5E is a Cat5e, RJ45, shielded, 8x8, panel-mount-style coupler that is ideal for telecom, LAN, voice/data and IDF/MDF applications. It is a part of L-com's ECF panel-mount RJ45 coupler line that combines an innovative design with a competitive price. With a solid, die-cast, metal mounting frame, these unique RJ45 couplers allow panel mounting with virtually any panel thickness.


This unique coupler is very versatile and was used in a wide variety of applications and purchased by a varied group of customers including OEM’s who used the ECF504-SC5E in enclosure and panel products, IT professionals and network installers who used the ECF504-SC5E in data center applications, and a host of other customers who used the ECF504-SC5E in a variety of Ethernet cable pass through applications.


On behalf of the ECF504-SC5E, we would like to thank all the customers who helped this product win the 2017 best seller award. Without your support, and purchases, none of this would be possible. (cue music).


Engineers’ Choice

June 15, 2017 at 8:00 AM


Our engineers are the hub of innovative ideas that drive our company and we depend on them to have their fingers on the pulse of the industry. So we tapped into our engineering resources to ask what technology we should be blogging about this week. The technology of choice: M12 cables. Here is an inside look at M12 cables, what they are, what they’re good for and why our engineer’s chose them.


RJ45 plug connectors are the most widely used connection technology for Ethernet systems, but for Ethernet networks deployed in harsh outdoor or industrial environments, M12 plug connectors are often better suited for many applications. Here are some of the reasons why we think M12 connectors are an attractive option.


IP67 or IP68-rated – An IP67 rating means the cable is completely protected from dust and temporary immersion between 12 cm and 1m. A rating of IP68 means the cable is totally protected from dust and long periods of immersion under pressure. Both of these ratings are crucial for cables used in harsh industrial environments.


Compact Design – Even though M12 connectors are made to withstand rugged conditions, they still maintain a compact design which is perfect for saving space in often crowded enclosures and cabinets.


Reliable Connection – Despite their small size, M12 connectors are very sturdy and deliver a reliable connection even when exposed to shock or vibration.


Two Pin Configurations – M12 Ethernet connectors are offered in both 4-pin and 8-pin configurations. Four-pin M12 connectors with D-coding are perfectly suited for fast Ethernet transmission. Eight-pin M12 connectors are usually A-coded and can deliver higher transmission rates such as Gigabit Ethernet. L-com also offers 8-pin, X-coded M12 cables that support Category 6a applications and are rated for 10Gbps speeds.


POE – M12 cables and connectors can be used for Power over Ethernet applications. The four-pin connectors can be used for type-1 transmission where supply, voltage and data are transmitted together. Eight-pin configurations can deliver type-2 power with the two spare wire pairs being used to transmit the supply voltage separately.


Our complete line of M12 Ethernet cables include X-code, A-code and D-code versions that are IP67/68/69K-rated, high-flex, shielded and resistant to oil, weld splatter, and damaging UV rays.


Check out our complete selection of M12 cable assemblies.


Best Fit Guide - Modular Plugs

October 27, 2016 at 8:00 AM


If you’re making your own phone or Ethernet cable, using the right modular plug is critical for the performance of your cable.  But how do you know which one will be the right fit?  With so many so many options available, choosing the right modular plug can be very confusing.  Here are the 4 factors you need to consider to get the best fit.


1.  Solid or Stranded Conductor Cable?

The first step is to determine which type of bulk cable you’re using, solid or stranded conductor, because each one uses a different type of plug.


Plugs for solid conductor cables use contacts that straddle the wire. This type of cable is typically used for permanent wiring runs inside walls and ceilings. Solid cable is cheaper and less flexible than stranded cable, so it’s best used in areas where flexibility isn’t the priority. Solid bulk cable is usually sold in pull out boxes.


Plugs for stranded conductor cables use contacts that pierce the wire. Stranded cable is more flexible and is frequently used in patch cords where flexibility is needed. Stranded bulk cable is usually sold in reels or spools.


2.  Cable Outer Dimension (OD)

To ensure your plug will have the proper fit, you must measure the outer dimension of the cable jacket. Most Ethernet cable has a nominal OD of 0.180" to 0.250".


Problems often occur when special jackets are used or the job calls for heavy shielding or specialty cable. 


3.  Conductor Outer Dimension (OD)

Cables come in many different types and styles. For example, a 24 AWG stranded data cable might have a conductor insulation diameter of 0.046", which will not fit the common RJ-style plug. So it is important to know the exact outer dimension for a good fit and optimal performance.


4.  Flat or Round Cable?

Modular/Telecom cable is available with either a flat or round jacket over the wires. The plug should have the appropriate entry to ensure a snug fit with the cable jacket.


5.  Shielded or Unshielded Cable?

If you are using shielded cable, shielded plugs should also be used. Shielded plugs have a metal outer shell and are often specified in areas where a shield or ground connection is required. Areas with high electrical noise also use shielded cable and plugs.


Whatever plug you need, L-com carries a full-line of RJ45, RJ11 and RJ12 plugs. Watch our instructional video on how to make your own Ethernet cable.


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