HyperLink Wireless: To Serve and Protect

November 13, 2014 at 10:00 AM



Homeland security and public safety are both dependent on highly reliable, highly secure communications networks.


Tools and procedures such as video surveillance, "on the scene" networks where police and other responders can share and transfer data, and atmospheric monitoring are crucial to safety and security operations. 


For this reason, the FCC allocated 50 MHz of spectrum from 4940 MHz to 4990 MHz (WLAN channels 20–26),called the Public Safety Spectrum, for use by public safety entities in the United States. Within this spectrum space there are two non-overlapping channels allocated, both with a width of 20 MHz


For those who don’t already know, an FCC license is REQUIRED in order to interact with the public safety spectrum.


As the FCC designated, communications within the licensed 4.9 GHz public safety band must support the protection of health, life, or property. Within these guidelines, some intended applications of the frequency include wireless local area networks (WLANs), mobile data, video security, VoIP, and more.  Multipoint and temporary (< 1 year) point-to-point links such as these are primary uses of the band.


Since the 4.9 GHz band has such limited uses, it can be difficult to find a full range of connectivity products to support high-performance and highly reliable 4.9 GHz network applications.


High quality RF amplifiers and antennas that are capable of operating on the 4.9GHz spectrum are hard to come by. 


At L-com, we guarantee that our  Hyperlink wireless products will prove reliable when serving and protecting the people.



Products such as the 2.4 GHz to 5.8 GHz 8 dBi Ultra-Wideband Log Periodic Antenna (shown above) are designed with features that address every public safety application:


·         Ultra Wide Band design

·         2.3 to 6.5 GHZ continuous coverage

·         Ideal for use with multiband access points and routers

·         Superior performance

·         Compact size, low profile and easy to mount, 9 inch coax lead included


The 3 Watt 4.9 GHz Indoor Amplifier for US Homeland Security is compatible with OFDM radios as well as radios using Direct Sequence or Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum modulation.


The HyperAmp® HA4903I series improves range and reliability by placing up to full transmit power as well as 12 dB of low-noise receive gain directly at the antenna where it is most effective. It also features an all-metal weather-proof enclosure machined from a single billet of aluminum, making it suitable for demanding commercial and military applications.


L-com’s broad offering of 4.9 GHz connectivity products enables our customers to build and operate high performance 4.9 GHz networks. L-com’s products are weather-proof, ruggedized, and designed with high-reliability features such as current-sensing circuits which provide remote amplifier diagnostic LEDs to aid in monitoring and troubleshooting. 



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